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Jan 27, 2015

First ever carpet bag

Hobby without company can be boring at times, and I have been longing to be part of sewing club and meet sewistas... First step to that would be joining an online club and when I saw this Bag of the month club, I jumped at the opportunity.

This club functions for 6 months jan - June and each month a new pattern is released by talented designers who are part of the group and all the members will get the pattern. This is a paid club and membership costs USD 40 . Feel free to join the fun, you can join anytime from jan - June, you will get patterns for all 6 months

Now to The Companion carpet bag , pattern by talented Samanatha is easy to sew. The cutting and fusing took maximum time for me. Fixing the frame and meddling with screws took sometime to get used to . But that is the last step so it's a breeze until then

Sewista Applique is my personal touch to the bag. The bag has external pocket with invisible magnet closure and also has a inner mobile pocket and misc slip pocket. It also has a zippered pocket on the inside. 

The bag also has feet at bottom to protect the fabric, my first attempt at using bag base and bag feet. Guess what I have used for bag base which is hidden between main and lining layers .

iPhone case plastic carton, which I cut open and used bag base, sandwiched between 2 Layers of fabric.necessity is the mother of all inventions ..yay!!

Handles have been made by me using Pu leather and fabric bias strips. Didn't have any 1 inch D ring in stock so switched the straps and then added the strap coverup in triangle shape to go with gusset fabric! 

Now Adithi needs one as ..guess what for her lunch bag, cause the frame is so easy to open and close. In fact she checked if she can use this, which usually I do indulge her requests, but not this time as this bag is meant for the Sewista !!! Need to order one more frame now... Frame is quite expensive at usd 10.5 with shipping . Which means 45 MYR for just the frame..but I had decided this year to indulge with a budget for my sewing fantasies and I am going to do it, have fun sewing and be happy in life :)


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  1. Your bag is so lovely! Did you see the post in the B of the Month club FB group about using metal wire as a frame for the carpet bag? I have a carpet bag that is made from two pieces of wire. The wire is rather thick, like the frame, and is bent just like the frame. There is one piece for each side and they are not connected in the middle with the hinge like the frames that you buy. The ends of the wires are capped with a little piece of plastic (you could just tape them with medical tape) and then, instead of having the end exposed (like the hinge is exposed on Samantha's bag pattern), tou could make an extra piece of binding and add it over that spot where the ends are. Using this method costs just two dollars if you go to a hardware store for the metal. I would not use metal coat hangers. Not big enough metal. If you use this, obviously the bag will not stay completely shut by itself, but you could add a strap tab at the top or even add a zipper to the top of the frame Chanenels. Mine has a zipper on top of the frame Channels.


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