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Jan 8, 2015

Made for Mom

Somedays inspite of hours of digging through your stash of fabrics, staring at your laptop screen googling for inspiration , scratching your seem to run out of ideas and just when you are about to throw in the towel , viola you finally do get an idea to create something ...

 In Spite of having to unpick seams of non forgiving pu leather fabric, and just about scrape through dimensions for end product , you did create something presentable , made with lot of emotions and passion... 

Pat yourself on the back, you were born to be a seamstress, albeit with some stress on 'stress'... Yes the you in this story is Me... Today's creation is a eyeglass case for my mom, who celebrated her bday last month .. Pu leather exterior with Amma appliqué in tamil script and lined with cotton which is fused with batting to provide the necessary cushion. Now having my fingers crossed as I am not sure if the dimensions are long enough to fit the eyeglass comfortably ..need to wait for hubby to come back to test his frame 

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