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Dec 31, 2009

Cookery Competition - Part of new year celebrations

Cookery competition was held within our Apartment Complex as part of new year celebrations.

The ingredients to be used were Rava (Sooji) for sweet and 3 vegetables for savouries

We made (1 for my MIL and 1 entry for myself)

Rava Appla payasam (Kannada speciality) and Capsicum Bucket (Self recipe, turned out good)
Rava Khajure (Sanjeev kappoor recipe) and Aloo Basket (Tarla dalala recipe)

Here are the pics

Recipe for Capscium Bucket

I make this recipe differently each time by varying the stuffing. Let your imagination rule and try variations. Enjoy!!!

Cut capscium into 2 halves. Deseed them. Coat the outer of capsicum buckets with Oil. (I Flavoured the oil with pepper, chatmasala; used Extra virgin Olive oil)

For Stuffing

Onion - 1 ; tomato - 1; carrot - 1; potatoes - 2 (Boiled and mashed);
greenchilli - 1 deseeded; cumin powder - 1 tsp, amchur powder = 1/2 tsp; processed cheese slices (you may use any cheese you prefer; i did'nt have mozzarella hence used Amul cheese slices i had in the fridge)

Saute onion, tomato for a while using 1 tsp oil and then add finely chopped carrots, greenchilli, masala and then at last add mashed potatoes and mix well.

Stuff the capscium halves with this filling and bake them in a pre-heated oven for 180*c for 20 minutes (or even lesser time if you want your capscium to be bit crunchier).

Ta da.. ur capscium bucket is ready. Now add handle to it. I used Cabbage for handle. Use your imagination. Good luck. I didn't win a prize though for the recipe!

Ring in the new year 2010. Happy New Year

My Daughter Participated in all the competitions held for kids as part of new year celebrations. These competitions were conducted on Christmas itself. Busy in new year revelry hence posting it a bit late

Chocolate Picking - She came first

Drawing - She sat and drew OMG that itself was a big achievement.

She sang rhymes and got first prize. I was so excited, forgot to take picture!!!


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