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Nov 18, 2010

Hibiscus Fancy Dress - Mini Tute

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I saved a few pics while making the Hibiscus costume, thought of sharing it. Lets get started.

Materials you will need:  

Red Stocking (number depends upon the size of hibiscus you are planning to make, for the hibiscus i have made to be large enough as petals around my DD's head circumference, i used 1 stocking net for 2 petals)

Cut Red Stocking into half and stitch (lettuce edge effect) one side of it.

Green Stocking for bodice & hands (skip this if you have a matching turtle neck kind of green tee)

Yellow stocking for stamen (3 x 15 inches piece)

18 or 20 guauge wire for petals (thick wire because it has to stand still at such big size)
22 guage wire for leaves

Nosepliers, wire cutters.

Cut required length of gauge wire (I had cut approx 18-20 inches for 1 petal, since we are coiling it, the length would come down by about 20%, so keep this in mind while cutting the length of wire for each petal)

Wind it around a base tube (I have used a 'Dhandhiya' stick here, any cylindrical shape can be used, keep in mind the circumference of it and choose accordingly, to get big curls choose large diameter ones and for small flower petals you can even use crochet needles, in fact i have used crochet needles to wind coil for the leaves i made use 22 gauge wire)

Hold one end of wound wire coil tightly and pull the other end using nose plier, you will get curvy wire.

Curve it to match both ends, this forms a petal shape, wrap the stocking net over the petal from broad area to narrow area; the stitched closing of the stocking will at the broader area of the petal.

Pull the stocking tightly (not too tight!) till it blends with the curves in the wires, be careful while you do this, and don't do it harshly as the stocking will then tear (mine did, and i lost 1 petal in the process and had to redo!)

Make 5 such petals (or any number you deem fit to cover the circumference of the head for which you are making this)

Make a headband (just Google fabric headbands in case you need a tute on how to make them)
I added Velcro closure to the headband

Hand stitch these petals onto the headband by positioning the petals in such a way that they kind of overlap each other at the starting

Cut slash lines through the yellow stocking piece (do not cut it off, just do it till the edge) so that you will have shreds kind of look for it. add red color beads to 20 guage wire and wrap the yellow stocking around it.

Add this stamen to the band right to the front of the center petal.

I had a green tank top (but in different shade), so i put that on first and then wrapped a retangle piece of matching green stocking on top. 

Took 2 more same shade of green stockings, one each for hands and pinned the hand stocking to the bodice stocking 

Used RTW green leggings for stem alias legs!

Made coiled effect leaves using 20 gauge wire  in the same shade of green stocking and tied them around the wrist.

Viola. Your own Hibiscus costume is ready.

Check out the Tutorials Page for more ....

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  1. Hi. Saw you at AllieMakes! This is such a cute idea. And well executed. Your daughter is a real cutie!

  2. Thanks Radn, Fussy Guesset.

    though my DD did not win the competition, i had lots of fun in making the outfit and more importantly she had fun flaunting it!

  3. What an adorable costume! I can barely sew, but it has always been my dream to create a homemade Halloween costume for my son. Maybe next year!

  4. What a FABULOUS costume! I do love it! And I love the tutorial! Excellent job!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  5. Brilliant!! Hi am new to Chennai.. Can u pls lemme know where can I buy the stokings here ?

  6. Thank you all for those generous comments.

    Meera, you can buy stockings at T.Nagar in Raja Thread Store or opp Pandian Thread Store. Both of them are located in Ranganathan Street, T.Nagar,

    Or you can go to thakur das choithram in Mount Road, near LIC.

    Or you may as well get the same from your local tailoring supplies shop, which is what i did from the small store which stocks everything related to tailoring. Check out your locality

  7. I am so excited you finally came to join the party **Amaze me August**, this is just fabulous, and I am loving it. You are really one CREATIVE MAMA :)

    Don't forget about my giveaway coming soon, there are SEVEN gifts up for grabs, you WON'T want to miss it. It's going to be HUGE!!!

    Thanks again,

    Bella :)

  8. Thanx a lot yaar... will find it soon....:-)

  9. I FEATURED you today girl, so come grab yourself a FEATURED button, and display it proudly.

    Keep the projects coming, and you are welcome ANYTIME at my party ** Amaze me AUgust** I LOVE having you.

    Bella :)

  10. Oh Thanks a ton Bella. I will surely grab by featured button... Thanks for all the loving comments...


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