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Nov 17, 2010

Meet the fresh Hibiscus a.k.a my Darling Daughter

Remember the teaser i gave in the Deepavali pics post... its time to reveal what i was working on this weekend...

At last, i got hold of the snaps from my sis's cam.

I was so excited at the fancy dress competition held at Peek-A-Boo patterns at Express Avenue Mall, Royapettah, Chennai, that i forgot to take pics in my cam when my DD was posing as a Hibiscus.

I had initially planned to make a lotus, since i couldn't find the pleasing pink for lotus and instead found lots of cheery red stockings, decided to make hibiscus after getting my DD's approval!

The teaser pic was that of a petal i made using 18 guage wire while i coiled on top of a 'Dhandia stick' and then expanded to get the curvy petals, then used stocking net on top of the wire and pulled it tightly to get those petals... it was my first attempt at working with stocking net (though it was on my LONG to-do list for really long) and i am quite happy with how it turned out.

Check out the Mini-picture tutorial to make your own Hibiscus costume
will post a mini-tute using the pics i had taken while making it , a bit later...

As of now fancy dress pics...

My DD a.k.a Hibiscus...



  1. This is very beutiful. You might have a petal below the chin, it will look like real flower with her face in the center. Any how the result is very beautiful. My best wishes to her:)

  2. Yes Thendral, you are absolutely right.

    I also had the same idea, in fact made 3 more petals, but when i did test fit of those petals on the headband and wrapped it around her face instead of how it is now, at the back of her head, she felt uncomfortable.

    I did not want her to be upset, after all it is for her fun that i am making this, so decided to leave out those 3 petals and made the band to wrap at the back. she was cynosure of all ideas but was not even aware of it! childhood is bliss isn't it?!

  3. That turned out so cute. Man she is adorable!! Have to see this tutorial :). I am so glad I found you, I'm the BLUE gal, Bella, who is one of your newest followers, and I just love all your tutorials, they are awesome.

    I would REALLY like if you linked this up to my weekly party **Amaze me AUgust**, you can come anytime, its open all week, hope I see you there.

    Bella :)


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