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Nov 15, 2010

BDay Bash - lots of Fun N Chaos too !!!

Cake Cutting!!!

Atlast i managed to upload few BDay bash pics...

Lets get started...

the Bday Party Invite goes like this ....

Hola! Please Come to 
Adithi's Birthday Party. 
Where are we Going:
Adithi's Home
When are we going: 
12th November 2010 (Friday)
C U at the party! Amigos!

Dora cake was ordered  already...

my MIL & myself were left with decorating the house as FIL was not in town, hubby had training at office and sister was shifting office, hence couldn't make it earlier... we started decorating the previous day itself and add all the streamers etc...

We had divided the living room in 3 corners each having green tree streamers, Twinkling stars and a Dora Pinata (Alas i forgot to take a snap of it and only after children broke it open did i realise i didn't have any snaps.. : )

Just like it actually happens in Dora The Explorer - 3 segments...

we even made a map to suggest to the children to navigate to those 3 areas.... But guess what we had around 45 kids + 10 elders accompanying younger kids and in the process there was lot of chaos and i forgot that i even made a map and only when the kids were about to leave did i remember the pinata and asked them to break it open...

This year's party, i had learnt a lesson, never try to do too many things, i had 2-3 games planned, and in the process, forgot the main Dora Theme Navigation game... somehow managed to add saving grace, by asking the kids to reach out for twinkling stars (my DD & myself made all of them using cardboard and decorated using glitter & rhinestones...) , some of stars had stickers on them, so they all went for it and all those stars went missing in a flash... now i have to make a new set for my DD who wants her share!!!!

Overall the kids had lot of fun with passing the backpack (yes i had a cardboard backpack made using purple crepe paper on to pit and added eyes & mouth, filled it with chocolate....)

During the game, the kids however were busy treating themselves with chocolates that passing the backpack!!!!

Elder kids where asked to try their hands in the Basketball hoop that i had arranged for them as they are too old to play with Backpack...

Once all the guests arrived, it was time for cake cutting, which went on fine and my DD has grown old enough to blow all the candles by herself...!!!!

After cake cutting it was chaos again, as the kids already formed a queue to get their piece of cake and most of them wanted Dora's head or Bhujji's head... now how do i share 2 heads admidst 45 heads ...?????

somehow managed to convince them to take their places and promised them their share of Dora's & Bhujji's heads.... !!!!

Another mistake i made was calculation of numbers and the Jellies i got as the ending desert (Jellies were such big hit and after second serving also, kids asked for more, by then they all had got exhausted....) For next year i shall stock more than required...just in case...

After all the kids had left, it was like calm after storm but we all quite enjoyed the chaos... my Darling Daughter Adithi had grown big enough (read 4 years) enjoy CHAOS.... she liked every moment of the party and hence my mission accomplished despite the glitches...

Looking forward to next year's party ... i know its too early, .. but believe me it felt as though it was just yesterday that we hosted Adithi's 3rd BDay party, and before knew it, an year had rolled by and we had finished having fun at her 4th BDay Bash.... time flies off....

so have fun, live the moment, be happy, keep others happy too...

BDay Baby!!!!

Streamer Trees!!!

Catch the Twinkling Stars

Balloons N More Balloons!!!

Kids Having Fun!!!!

Passing the BackPack!!!

Blown Away!

Tired of gifts!!!!!

Believe me its 2 been 2 days since the party got over, and she still hasn't opened all her gifts... quite unlike kids who love to open up their gifts in a jiffy... she opens one up, plays with it, once gets tired of it, then only she goes to the next gift!!!!!

Kids seem to love stickers, from now on i plan to wrap a set of stickers along with any gift i plan to give at any child's BDay Party!!!!
Stick it up!!!!

Showing off the stickers her Aunt gifted!!!

Decorations - Glimpses




  1. Looks like the party was a success! Everyone looked very happy. They grow up so fast. Your daughter looked beautiful in her dress.

  2. the birthday girl looks soooo beautiful!

  3. Aw...your daughter looks adorable... She looks like a princess! Good Job with the dress and the party.

  4. Thank you all... the dress has been washed and cleaned and is neatly hanging in her closet waiting for the next party!!!!!

  5. Wow, the dress is gorgeous - she looks like a princess


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