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Dec 8, 2009

Green N Brown Polo Style Placket Salwar Kameez

Green N Brown Polo Style Placket Salwar Kameez Set

My First attempt at Polo Style Placket in a Kameez.

The customer is nursing her baby hence wanted a front open which is not so obvious. Have never placed a front open in any of my earlier kameez. Hence did some searching on the net and found this link.

It was very helpful, tried it on scrap fabric first, turned out well, then made it on actual fabric. Since the fabric was fully embroidered it was bit difficult to get crisp finish, i guess i am more than happy with the outcome. Neck and sleeves were given piped finish (Corded Piping attempted for the first time). Those Buttons (wood) had to be given away for this dress as it enhanced the look of the kameez. Though they are just to pep up (closure is actually hooks on the inner side of the placket), they completed the look hence had to part with them.

According to my own little list of technical beauties, this one is there right at the top. what say???




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