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Jan 23, 2010

Bias Strip Preparation for Shaped facings

I had posted yesterday regarding usage of bias strips for sweetheart neckline, today i had used bias strips for another interesting neckline (instead of using self facing). Will show the pics regarding preparation of bias strip.
No big deal.

Cut bias strips from your chosen fabric. I have used 1x1 lining material which i had used to line the blouse which has an interesting neckline, shall share photos of completed project tomorrow. Now lets get on with bias strip preparation. The width of bias strip should be 3/8 inch more than desired finish width. (Why? Well we shall find out in just a moment!)

Join bias cut strips and once you have got the desired length. Now check the width below it is 1 2/8 inch

Press them with steam by slightly stretching the opposite end  with the other hand. (Don't be harsh, just gentle hold it slightly tight). Go from one end to other end.

At the end of it, the width of bias strip would be reduced a bit, (Hence keep this shrinkage in mind before cutting your bias strips). Now did you notice the width has reduced to 6/8 of an inch

Your bias strip is now ready to be used for any shape of neck facing.

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