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Jan 22, 2010

Chinese collar Salwar Kameez


Client had lots of fabric and didn't want to stitch top and bottom in the same fabric. Wanted to use as much as fabric as possible and requested for open type chinese collar(Not fully covered in front) and full sleeve.

Mid patch was my suggestion. She wanted to add fabric covoered buttons as well. Added a bit of embellishments to the button to give it the finishing touch.

The most difficult part was No Not the collar but the mid patch and aligning the two halves of the front fabric without disturbing the grain of the fabric. Add to the woes were the embroidery which was bulky at some places due to thick floral motif in between the lines.

For the collar i am bit unsure as i wish i had used a more stiff interfacing. God i do not want to touch that collar again. Since it is an open collar kind of thing hope its ok if it falls a bit.!!!! Hoping...seriously.

Have got 2 more kameez set to sew for the same client. Hoping to finish it next week and shall update you all soon.

Tomorrow the agenda is to finish off long-pending sewing assignments for my MIL. Her b'day coming up on 25th so this is the least i could do...

Got to catch on some sleep... c ya....

Oh yes the pics...

Front - can you see the button detail . Are you able to identify mid patch. at center front

Full View of the Front


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