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Jan 7, 2010

Saree Day!

Well actually i am not much of a saree person. I do wear it for formal occasions and during festivals and weddings. Day in day out you would find me in Salwar kameez or pyjama and top.

So why would this post be called 'Saree Day' then 'coz these sarees actually made my day. They are so beautiful. They belong to one of my clients. She has such a good taste i should say. I haven't started on the blouses for 2 of these sarees. Will post them once completed. As of now have a look at the 3 sarees and one of the finished blouses.

Hope all the fitting issues of the sleeve get solved in this blouse. Please god...

Veena Motif Saree - My favourite

Blouse for Veena Motif Saree

Saree 1 - I love the multi-shaded effect and can't believe that i actually like this Majenta color based saree!!! Miracles do happen!

Saree 2 - Simple saree, but that's what makes it
special. Classic it stands out! Kanjeevaram Silk Speaks....doesn't it.

Saree2 Pallu



  1. Namaste - and greetings to you, thank you so much for posting the tutorial on the angrakha it's really lovely and I can't wait to have a go at making one, hope it turns out as good as yours. So glad I stumbled on your blog - I will be back for more stitchy stuff. Best wishes to you and your blog from Caroline in Lancashire, UK. :-)

  2. Namaste and Thanks Caroline. I am glad i am able to reach out to people across the globe and share whatever little knowledge i have. Feel free to follow the blog for regular updates.


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