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Jan 19, 2010

Tutorials - Yay! - Post Title Suggestions... welcome

I have decided to dedicate every weekend to work on a tutorial which i will share with my fellow bloggers on Monday.

So start the week with a bang. All you fellow Sewists and fashioniastas blow away your Monday Blues and i am searching for a good Title for the post which will obviously have 'Monday' but what will the suffix be to indicate tutorials as well as ones that sound good and rhythmic.

Planning to start of with Tutorials related to Salwars.

Here is a give-away first one would be on Patiala Salwar. I had actually posted one long back on craftster (when i did not own a blog!) , now i realize the photos are not showing up and i have got more clarity of Patiala and its variations, so best bet to start off the tutorial section.

Watch out for Next Monday - Patiala Salwar....


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  1. Hi,
    I am a beginner n hearing impaired but am v much interested to learn sewing I had been to tailoring class but they cldnt teach me basics properly so I gave up will you please teach basics in tutorial like sewing neckline different methods n joining sleeve part to armhole. n tiop on easier method of folding n sewing ......... (kammez end part)it will be very helpful your tutorial has helped me learn more than tailoring class Thank you........



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