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Feb 22, 2010

All in One Wrap Skirt

All in one because it has no seam (Well almost, i had to attach a patch extension to the inner side of the wrap to cover my DD's modesty while she sits and plays !!!)

To avoid this patch make the skirt as much A-Line as possible while drafting the all-in-one seamlesss wrap skirt pattern and then also add 3 more inches of width at the hem for the inner side of the wrap.

Skirt also has a patch pocket (Shape resembles a trapezoid though not exactly) made on bias as 2 pieces joined together. Pocket is mandatory on her wish list, she dislikes her hanky pins these days and find pocket more friendlier. hmmm...

Shall post a Tute for this if anyone is interested, once you get pattern right, this is an under an hour skirt!,

Back of the skirt

Overall view of the skirt (Notice no seams only darts at place where original side seam of front and back of skirt merge)


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