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Feb 13, 2010

Fabric Envelope with Special message for Valentine's

I accidentally saw this post on fabric envelope @ Sew Mama Sew, though the contest had ended the moment i saw it, i wanted to make one to get a personal msg through. I am glad i have found an interesting way of making using scraps leftover after each project. From now on no paper envelopes for me, only fabric ones. Watch out for more...

Message Inside : That's my heart


Open Sesame!



  1. A heart inside the envelope... Well let me see if i ever get to borrow it from you to gift someone :)

    I am glad you are working on the background of the picture. I believe the ideal place in your house with the best lighting is the right end of your balacony where the rose flower once existed. You can have a white chart stuck there exclusively for this purpose. Or you can also use dhummu's white topped writing desk.

  2. Never knew this would come to me as a gift!


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