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Mar 25, 2010

Ready to Wear Saree for my Darling Daughter

Isn't she happy. Could you believe, She said " thanks amma, i really like the dress!!. Oh how time flies, my little darling has already grown so big. thank you god for giving me the best gift of life, my dear daughter.
(Wish i could snap her without her hanky, but she refused, take it with hanky or else forget it was the reply!!!)

My darling daughter has been nudging me for a saree for quite sometime. Yes! She likes sarees (too much for a 3 yr old !!! isn't it) Eversince i made a readymade version for myself, she also wanted to have one for her.

Today was the day, as she has to attend a b'day party in the colony and i also felt she has repeated her party clothes (what a crime for my darling to repeat her dress for b'day when she has a personal designer !!!)

So got her permission (which she happily gave as i was stitching something for her, that too what she wanted)
Concept was clear as i had slogged it out while drafting my saree. So it was all about modifying for her size, rectifying flaws in my version and completing it.

It took 4 hours in all to it.

Changes made can be seen in the way the godet flows, it flows more like how a saree should be (lot better than what it was in my version). I had used triangular godet in my version, here i experimented with semi-circle godet, attached to main piece and then did the hem after checking the fall. (Thanks sis for gifted me the Art of manipulating fabric, it helped me with godets a lot!)

Blouse is corset style (long version, she didn't want her belly to be seen :D )with tie strings at back.

Back view - Checkout the pallu of saree and corset ties blouse.

See the fall of the godet, it drapes even better while she move around!!!

Corset string blouse!!!



  1. She looks so pretty! Like a princess :)

  2. the back of it looks awesome!
    the flow at the front is better than the one you did earlier. Great improvisation.

  3. pls remove the hankie before taking the pic.

  4. She wouldn't let me take a snap without hankie!!! she said either with hankie or no snap. I had to oblige!!!


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