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Apr 6, 2010

Bandini Pillowcase style dress

This must make it as the fastest i have ever stitched (Previous for circle skirt in hour hour).

This one took under 20 minutes in all (from cutting to finish)

Bandhini fabric has been waiting for a long time now. My MIL got it during her trip to Jaipur few months back. She got 2 sets for my sister and myself (which are ofcourse still waiting to be sewn). Alongside them she got a bandini shawl which i can use to sew for my little darling, their pet granddaughter

So pillow case style dress was fit for the summer.



  1. Beautiful dress!!!!
    And your little girl is very pretty! Well done, and the colors look great on her! :)
    *found your blog through craftster. :)

  2. Pretty as a picture!
    Nice to sport bright colors in summer! Ought to appreciate your MIL for the selection.


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