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May 12, 2010

Bandhini Fabric Pillowcase Style - Mini TUTE

Can't get over this pillowcase style dress... so simple yet elegant and i love it more so because its fast, 20 minutes and ready to wear.

This one is made out of leftover material after making a cowl effect tunic for myself (Will post it later, no action shots as yet)

As of now my darling daughter with her version....

Made out of bandhini fabric. I love this pattern (self-drafted). Below is set of instructions which shall help those interested in making this pattern. Sorry no pics of cutting and sewing as it was an adhoc thought to post a tute on this....

  1. Actually make a rectangle whose  width of twice chest measurement ( on fold / 2 pieces)
  2. The length of rectangle as desired + 1 inch for folding on top + 1 inch for hem fold
  3. Prepare spaghetti straps using self fabric or any contrast fabric as desired
  4. Leave 3-4 inches on top side seam and finish the rest of the seam. Turn raw edges using facing or self-fold for the initial 3-4 inches (left open for armsyce
  5. Make casing on top ; insert the spagetti strap through casing on front and back; 
  6. Tie them up; You are ready to go...!!

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  1. love this dress. So much easier than others I've seen and I love the more gathered/puckered effect!


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