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Jun 25, 2010

Vertical Flounce Skirts....

Vertical Flounce - Yes they are my latest sewing crush!

After a not-quite Ruffle Top, i had to sit down and get the vertical flounce right and thanks to the blog i discovered this week (refer my earlier post of Discover Blog) got the formula for the right radius of the circle.

As of now basic flounce skirts for my little darling using leftover fabric.

Pink one has 2 contrast flounces ; while green one was the first attempt with just one layer of flounce. Love them both....

Very tired after 2 skirts it took 2 hours each from drafting to cutting to sewing... so i refreshed myself with Chikoo milkshake.... go get yours...

Now having got the basic flounce right, time for some experimentation and variations... watch out ...

Shams' Blog is where i found out how to do these cascade flounces!


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  1. I wish I could have that milkshake!
    Lovely skirts. I am ready to wax! Make me some!


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