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Aug 18, 2010

Saree Recycle = Mosquito Cover Band + Pillow Case Style Dress + Iron Board Cover + Kitchen Cloth

My MIL gave me one of her saree which got torn while removing pin from the pleats.

She asked me to add border patti to the mosquito net using the saree border.

After doing so, there was still lot of fabric left. I used the Pallu of the saree to create a pillow case style dress for my DD.

Even after that there was bit of fabric. I had been wanting to give my iron board a new cover for a long time and ta da... this was it, stitch up a new cover using the remaining fabric. HaPublish Postve a look at Before and After and you can see SEA Change ...  :0)

There were still lit bits of fabric, patched them together as many layers and made few Kitchen cloth , dusting cloth etc..

A saree was reborn !!!! instead of going to trash.... I am proud to be a  craftster....


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  1. Good job dear :) And in the pic, the little one has opened the dress up so symetrically this time!


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