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Oct 19, 2010

Navarathri 2010 = 9 new dresses - Completed!

Dress No.7 & 8 have been added and dress no.9 magically made it to official Navarathri 2010 collection. Check them out at the end of the post as the dresses are arranged in chronological order. For those who are following the Navarathri 2010 collection, this post may look repetitive, hence the above clarification.

Posting this to give the first look of the Complete Navarathri 2010 Collection - 9 New Dresses.... Someone pinch me.... am i dreaming.... no.... i am living my dream .....

Dress No. 1 : Silk Paavadai and Sattai (Skirt and Top)

Traditional clothing worn by kids during festivities is appropriate as the starter for the festivities of Navarathri, a 9 day festival wherein houses are decked with dolls prettily arranged on 9 steps ( or 7 or 5 or 3, at my place it is 7 steps) & puja is done daily, the festivities gets concluded on the 10th Day being Vijayadasami

More on Navarathri to be followed up in coming days, as of now have a look at Dress No.1

Dress No.2 - Cowl neck frock

Design delivered; Mission Accomplished - that's how i would like to put it for this outfit, with house under renovation, i couldn't use my sewing machine, but it gave me time to think before sewing and it helped, manipulated and figured out this cowl neck design which i guess is some pattern commercially available elsewhere, i don't any commercial patterns here in India, and hence draft my own, in fact enjoy doing the drafting.

View of the Front without the Ribbon Belt with flower embellishment

In fact i plan to do 2 more belts using the following trims, even if doesn't match this dress, it also be worn with something else isn't it!

Have a look at the cowl, this is as close as i can get!!!

back view with invizible zipper

Dress if fully lined and here is the reverse side of it - Front

Back view of the Lining

This pattern is special as it turned out exactly how i had envisioned and in fact much better than the design inspiration that i saw, if i can say so... sorry don't have any image or link of the design inspiration, but if you google cowl neck + kids frock, i guess you can find it.

One more reason for this dress to be special is due to the fact that this is my first attempt at draping for any of my DD's dresses,

Too tired to type anything more, house is being cleaned up after renovation and still have lots of cleaning to do tomorrow and also plan to wrap up dress 3, whose design has been envisioned! it's going to be balloon effect dress, still not sure if it will be waist up balloon skirt & top or a Balloon dress, watch out...keep giving your suggestions and feedback. They are highly appreciated.

Dress No: 3 - Yet to be named. Please suggest one.

Pouch Effect and how it is attached to lining underneath, everything is the same as balloon effect, but without gathers, hence the difference

Back View of the dress with inzide zipper, Thank god i sat down and added those kundan stones before finishing the front bodice, otherwise it would have looked too plain, isn't it? 

I wanted to make one balloon or bubble dress keeping this fabric in mind, but i forgot that i only had 1/2 yard of white unexplainable fabric, i really don't know what it is called, it has sunburst like pleat texture throughout. Though i followed the method to create baloon effect i ended up with only having pouch effect, but like the dress though it may not match with what i wanted in first place. 

The brocade fabric is actually leftover from my custom made Saree & blouse, which i haven't posted yet, hope to post it when i wear it match match with my DD during Navarathri.

For the next dress i am planning to use one reversible silk fabric i got from Mysore last year. one side is charcoal black and another side is pink, one side is soft in texture and another side is bit rough, any suggestions for the dress design. ... 

Dress No.4 & 5 - Reversible Wrap Around Dress

This dress is being counted as 2 dresses as it is reversible... (cheating...yes kind of, keep this in reserve, and if i manage to make one more extra dress to make real  distinct count to 9 in total, then i shall consider this to be as one dress no.4 it OK)

Dress No. 6 - Pennyless Balloon dress (meaning... did not spend a rupee on the fabric... bodice fabric is leftover from my SIL's Ruffle Dress - remember;; Skirt portion was saree blouse material given by my Aunt to sew something adorable for her loving granddaughter ... my DD)

Balloon dress has been on my mind for a week now and after that failed attempt at balloon skirt due to lack of fabric for Dress no.3, i decided to make one.... since the blouse material was just 1 metre, i had to use some other fabric for bodice section...and searched through my leftover stash and found this chocolate brown satin lying around...

Since the bodice material was plain, decided to use some 'gyan' given in Art of Manipulating Fabric, this is a must have book for every Sewista! Seriously this is such a treasure trove...thank you little sister, for having gifted me this book...i never get tired of this book.

I used the Shirring process - waves shirring was the one i chose, but possibly i got the template wrong and hence the waves were not deep and didn't get the exact result as given in book, but i quite loved the result if got... then continued to do meandering shirring...on top of it and viola i absolutely loved what i saw!!!!

Front View  - I love it!

Back side has a little glitch, did you notice the waist seam has little bit of bodice fabric pinched in, on the right hand side... but alas i saw it only after taking the picture and since this is a fully lined dress with all hidden seams and a balloon skirt so everything was closed underneath, and i didn't feel like opening any of the seams, the chocolate brown color saved me and it is oddly visible to naked eye.

book reference...and my shirred piece....

I also made a quick fire pillow cover for my DD's pillow... no big deal i understand... Sharing it JLT!!!

Dress No.7 - Skirt & Top

Out of this entire Navarathri 2010 collection, this happens to be first skirt N Top! 


Skirt Features:

  • Back Vent Pleats for ease of movement 
  • Vertical Flounce at front 

Top Features
  • Flounce added from sleeves, down the way to the side seams
  • Embellished trim to give mock wrap effect.
Dress No. 8 - Post-Deadline Dress

As i made this after Navarathri (2 days since Vijayadasami)... machine repair, no time etc are the excuses, but better late than never isn't it.

  • Skirt has draped layer at front with semi-circular godet vent at back.
  • Top is Simple with border straps

Dress No. 9 - Maroon & Gold Pattu Paavadai & Sattai + Potli Bag !
This dress though made even before Navarathri Collection began did not make it to initial list of Official Collection, cause the 'Pattu Paavdai' part was once worn, but the blouse was still new and my DD insisted on wearing it on Day 5, so it made it to Navarathri Collection

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  1. Lovely colors! I had done a one-piece and sleeveless version of this. Wondering how could I share the picture with you!

  2. The Pavvadai & Sattai looks gorgeous.... When I wore it when I was younger, it was always in Blue and gold. My favorite colours.

  3. Thanks Uma. My Hubby's & FIL's favourite color is blue too. in fact my in-laws gifted my DD this fabric for Navarathri.

    Megha, would love to see your creation, just leave a link of the picture of your creation in the comments, if you feel ok to do so and then i shall be able to see it, or do you feel i can create a flicker group to share all the creations of followers of adithisammasews, as of now it has one for Angrakha creations sewn using the tutorial i posted for the same. What do you say?


  5. Nice outfit megha, good idea of having it in one piece for little ones may be less than 2 years or so; my DD loves her Pattu paavadais and flaunts them with pride, she loves her blouses and did i forget to mention, potli bags

  6. Nice creations Laxmi. Lucky daughter I must say.
    My suggestion for dress with the reversible material would be to go for a reversible angarakha frock for your daughter. With some embellishments, this will look good, thats my guess though.

    All the best with the rest of the creations.

  7. I have been thinking of discussing the pouch effect with you for a long time. It will look nice on wearing.

  8. I love the penniless balloon dress. Its so beautiful. You shouldn't be sitting at home with such stuff, you should be going places.

  9. LOVE the cowl neck dress. All your work is amazing.

  10. Thank you all. It was quite a task to think of design, find fabric & sew 9 new dresses... with sewing machine repair after 6th dress, added to the difficulties, but i am quite happy with the Navarathri 2010 collection. Thanks once again for all the encouraging comments...


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