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Oct 26, 2010

Dazzling Deepavali - Shopping Part I

The last weekend was dedicated to Deepavali Shopping, though it was tiring, it was fun as well.

Purchased lot of fabrics from Thakurdas Choithram (my fav fabric shop in town) on Saturday and had loads of chat at Gangotree to rejuvenate myself for more shopping on Sunday as well

On Sunday did some shopping for Sarees & Pattu Paavadai Material from RMKV Chennai.

Here is a glimpse of few of those in my stash now, being given special attention for Deepavali ofcourse....

Saree for MIL which is searched with the scrap bit fabric of the material left after finish her blouse... first time i searched for Saree  with a ready blouse to match for... it was exciting

Pallu of MIL's Saree

Kora Saree for Sister (she got one more, will post it later!)

Mom's Silk Blouse which is my Current WIP

Pattu Paavadai for Darling Daughter, 

Will try to do a tute on how to make Pattu Paavadai as i cut & sew this, as it may be a while before i sew another Pattu Paavadai set; why 'coz she already has 2 other new ones (courtesy: Navarathri) and wears it only on festivals or weddings so... they will only be sitting idle in her wardrobe, so no more Pattu Paavadais till she outgrows them... and did you have a look at the Sneak Peak of Tutorials planned, do vote for your choice.The poll is on my sidebar at the top and is open until Deepavali.

Few of the fabrics (Believe me i have got loads of them, will share  it later as busy with Deepavali right now). BTW these fabrics except for green brocade are the ones i plan to use for making the special birthday ball gown for my DD on her b'day which also falls on Deepvaali  day....

The blouse for MIL's saree was finished sometime in September, 

I actually have a story to tell as to how i got the saree for this blouse... 

The blouse material was gifted to my MIL by a relative at a wedding. I liked the material so much and designed the zardosi work on neck and sleeves and also at back hem... the sleeve is a bit shorter than what my MIL usually wears, i purposefully made it so and managed to convince her to wear it, this color looks great on her, 

Now the next step was to find the right saree for the blouse, after purchasing the Kora saree for my sister, we were wandering around at RMKV, till a helpful attender at the shop asked us to search for the saree which will exactly match the scrap fabric in 'Art Silk' section..

guess what, as we reached the counter, it was crowded like every other counter, that is no news, but.... the news was that the sales rep was showing the saree i had envisioned for this blouse, he had just spread it out, but the joy was short lived as the person to whom he was showing, seemed to be least interested in it, till i asked for it, she immediately said 'I have selected it'... hmm my heart sank.... this saree was so near yet so far... OMG... how am i to find a matchy match saree again to impress my MIL....

My sis & me then started searching through the stacks of sarees to find a second perfect match and we did manage to find one, but it was half-hearted.... in the meantime she also picked up another saree and we were about to leave, but the customer who said she selected it was no where in sight and did not bother to ask for it to take it for billing and had already left the place, i asked the sales rep if this saree is taken or is it available for me to pick up, he searched for the 'missing' customer for a while and then said i can take it, i immeediately rushed to bill it, actually we had to follow one another attendant who will take the saree for billing.... 

the story doesn't end here.. my sister & myself were lost as we went to different cash counters at the same floor, and guess what she had left her mobile also with me... then had to borrow a mobile from some irate customer (who was obviously tired of waiting for the ladies he had accompanied to finish shopping) and called me up, which i promptly missed, later checked my mobile and dialed the same number and traced her.... at the end of it all, this saree was ours, my MIL will wear it on my DD's Birthday & also the Deepavali day.... 



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