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Oct 23, 2010

Dazzling Deepavali ....

This weekend i will be busy shopping for Deepavali which falls on November 5. Deepavali is a festival celebrated by Indians all over the world, usering prosperity & well being, marking end of evil by good. Enough of my 'gyan' on 'Deepavali' or should i say 'Diwali' its more famous alias... just google it to get more detailed information on the festival.

As a kid i used to look forward to Deepavali every year for 3 reasons

  • Crackers
  • Great Sweets
  • New Dresses
Of which the topper of the list is no more in picture now, guess i have grown up (At last!) and crackers don't excite me, except for the Crackers with star burst at high sky kind of effects which still excite me & of course ever exciting rockets, apart from that i don't burst any crackers as such

My DD warmed up to crackers last year and watched other elder kids burst them & have fun, but they leave too much of smoke and beyond a certain level stops being fun and affects people around with smoke & noise... so i am nuturing my DD to be senstive to environment & others and let her be happy with 'Kambi Mathaappoo', ooops i forgot what it is called in general, oops will update once i recollect..., Flower pots and spinning chakras... 

BTW this Deepavali is doubly special as my Darling Daughter's birthday also falls on the same day Nov 5. Am i excited!? lots of stuff to do, first up, shopping for fabrics to make dazzling outfits for this Deepavali...

well let me give a sneak peak of to-do list for this deepavali and trust me there is lot of sewing to do

  1. 1 Blouse for  Sister
  2. 1 Blouse for MIL
  3. 1 Blouse for mom
  4. 1 Pattu Paavadai for DD
  5. 1 special designer birthday gown for DD
  6. 1 salwar set for Sister
  7. 1 blouse for self
  8. 1 salwar set for self
  9. 1 designer saree (being custom made by self ... it has been in WIP for long now....)
9 outfits to make  with just 14 days to go (discount the weekends so virtually just 10 days to go... ) OMG i am running out of time, and also of ideas, new designer outfits especially after the navarathri overhaul of 9 dresses looks like an enormous challenge... lets see how it goes.....

well i will be busy shopping this weekend, then lots of sewing to do for the next 2 weeks... catch you all soon....


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