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Oct 4, 2010

DD went for Endhiran Movie

Came back from Aunt's place yesterday night. We had a lot of fun and really good bonding time over there. miss her ...

hmmm... back at home front... i was upto lot of cleaning chores today, those that had been left pending for the past 4 days (READ: Piles of clothes, sweeping, mopping, surfing yes catching up on the latest on the blogs that i follow....)

My DD went to watch Endhiran Movie today with her Grandparents at Escape Cinemas at Express Avenue Mall

She agreed to wear the prototype dress (for dress no.4 of navarathri collection) and after lot of persuasion obliged for few snaps...

She bought a new clutch for self yesterday when shopping with daddy dearest; wanted a handle for it as it would be easy for her to carry, so let her chose a trim of her choice, add 2 beads and looped it through the clutch, Viola it has now become clutch cum handbag.... aha ...

Dress no.4 is in WIP ; work still to be done are as follows:
  • Shoulder seams to be finished (Read reversible dress + wrap around + reversible part just restricted to bodice) hence the mayhem.... hope to resolve it out by tomoro 
  • Need add belt to wrap sides
  • Open up side seam and finish the hole for the ties to come out;
  • Finish peco hem for the skirt part

Hope to wrap it up by 2moro; in fact had planned to do dress no.5 by tomoro as well.... lets see...


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