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Nov 28, 2010

CellPhone Costume - Fancy Dress

My dear friend's son had a fancy dress competition at school. The topic was 'Product'. Since this was very generic, we were initially confused, when given an option, the fancy dress participant himself chose mobile phone and even scripted his own dialogue!

  • I started with a cardboard and cut it up to the length measuring his height from head to ankle
  • Then from about 3-4 inches from top cut-off about 8 inches for Display screen where his face will be shown..
  • Added Slits at various heights to be tied around this chest, and stomach. Add ties through the slits and kep them ready
  • Wrapped up the cardboard with silver foil kind of gift wrapper. (ensure the display area is left open)
  • Then added panels by wrapping up newspaper with a reverse of a gift wrapper , silver foil effect, cheap and easy!
  • Using  a black marker added the navigation, answer and cancel buttons and also the entire keypad.

Viola! cell phone fancy dress was ready to worn. I did not get to fit it around him and check it, but after seeing the pics my friend mailed, i guess i have nailed the measurements and positioning right.

How do you like this cute little 'cell phone'?!

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  1. Thank u my dear friend!
    u really a perfectionist!!
    The participant is really happy seeing him on ur site along with his adi pappa's photos.

  2. Thank you all. As you can note from friend sivaranjani's comment, the little boy had lots of fun dressing up as a CellPhone and hence mission accomplished!

  3. Unable to view the pics from here :(
    But i am very sure they are going to be great!

  4. very smart.. very very creative.. Now I know who to come to.. when I need fancy dress ideas.. Thanks so so much for joining the weekend party.. :-)

  5. I stopped by from Pat's blog. The cell phone is so creative. Will check out more of your older posts.

  6. Hi
    This is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing. Please could you also share the poem or dialogue which your son spoke? I know I am asking for too much but I am really short on time and also creatively challenged.
    Hoping I can save my daughter's fancy dress show with your help.

    Please share to

    Thankyou so much


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