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Nov 24, 2010

Warm Welcome to '' from now on... !

Internet has been my 'Virtual Genie'. It all started off with learning Crochet online, slowly i diversified into making bags and then to sewing dresses, for which the online tutorials were a constant source of support.

If I could take and make use of the information available online, why shouldn’t I share some information that i am privy to and help in my own little way by sharing the knowledge i gain. That’s how it all began.

I started a blog with just 2 followers and a few page hits. Took a sabbatical.... decided to get back, now after a year since my comeback of sorts, here I am with a whopping 50+ followers and over 38000 page hits, and still counting....

At any point in time, if I ever look back into what I did in my life after quitting that high-paying IT job (as my little darling daughter is more important to me and needs my time), my website had all the answers to it. It hasn’t churned money for me as yet. But, it has offered me the kind of joy and identiy that just money can’t buy.

Today, I own my blog – yes I own the domain. Finally, It is just

It would not have been possible without the support and encouragement extended by each one of you. My beloved readers. Happy surfing! Please do follow, bookmark it, add to your reader, whichever way you would prefer to keep tab on what i get to post.

Followers gadget is currently not shown in blogspot address since it is transition period, so please do directly drop in to

Looking forwarding to your continued readership; signing off with a promise to make this blog even better with every passing day.

P.S. Due to transition period of 3 days it may take you to earlier blogspot address itself when you access older pages...but that's ok, it is just temporary... 



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