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Sep 23, 2011

Petal Skirt Tutorial - Sew Skirts September

Petal Skirt Tutorial 

We will be using the same draft as we used for 4 Panel Skirt with some slight changes 

The Changes are as follows:

The waist round will be calculated thinking as if we are drafting a 6 panel skirt so the measure  [ 0 - 3 ] = 1/12 Seat Round (it is going to be elasticated waist so we take seat round instead of waist round)

The bottom round has to be atleast 3 times the waistround as we need large bases for the petals

Once we make a draft as below

Did you notice? we do not have darts over here as it is the fullness gives more shape to the petals!

Next we need to blend at the bottom to get petal shape!
The above is the petal pattern on fold, unfold and place on fabric and cut 8 pieces.

Now we need to trace and cut the pieces (8 pieces). I started off with 6 pieces and then realized that the overlap was not enough to make it look pretty as well as modest, hence added 2 more petal pieces! So in total we need 8 petal pieces

I have used organza as top layer and satin as bottom layer and have serged them! You can just stitch them RS together leaving an opening to turn them around at waist arc.

Now place one petal on top of other in such a way that they overlap the petal under them atleast by half-way!

Remember all these should be placed to cover the petal below them only up to half-way through!

  • Place Petal 2 on top of Petal 1
  • Petal 3 on top of Petal 2
  • Petal 4 on top of Petal 3
  • Petal 5 on top of Petal 4
  • Petal 6 on top of Petal 5
  • Petal 7 on top of Petal 6
  • Petal 8 on top of Petal 7
Note: The picture here shows only 6 petals, i forgot to take pictures after i added 2 more petals! We need 8 Petals Remember!
Now close it to make a skirt by placing Petal 8 underneath petal 1 

The skirt has an underlining layer in satin a normal gathered rectangle piece measuring seat round + 10 inches, so that when the petals move, skirt still stays modest!

Add waist band as you would for any normal skirt and leave an opening to loop through the elastic and then close it! Viola Petal Skirt is ready!

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  1. Lovely color and texture


  2. This is really cute! I really need to start learning how to sew better now.

    New follower from Boost My Blog Friday! Would love a follow back.

  3. This is so cute and creative! Sorry I haven't been around much these days, new computer and so little time! Will make up for it, I promise! Congrats on your BS featuring, I rarely see someone featured with such an extensive portfolio as yours!

    (*≗*) Magda

  4. Beautiful and sweet skirt, it looks like u're having one big flower in your middle part!:D
    Jelena (

  5. Thanks Magda! I am excited to be featured on Burdastyle!

    Thanks Glam Chameleon! This skirt is for my darling daughter!

    Thanks artsavesyou,jenH, corabeth for following Adithis Amma Sews. I am following you back!

  6. Wow, nice petal skirt. Thanks for the tutorial...(*_*)


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