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Sep 15, 2011

Panel Skirt Tutorial - Sew Skirts September

Panel skirts can be made up of any number of panels as desired

Here i am going to show you 4 panel skirt draft

Note: Bottom round can be 1.5 - 3 times the waist round, as per your taste!

The fabric i chose for this skirt had diagonal purple stripes on white background! since the stripes were diagonal, i had to cut 1 panel on lengthwise grain and the other i had to match it on cross-grain and then cut it~Hope the below snaps are able to explain themselves! This skirt is so easy to sew (except for matching stripes! you choose non-stripey  contrast color fabrics, they will work as well!)

Trying to match right sides together (first piece on top is cut on Lengthwise grain ; is being placed on top of cross-wise grain of fabric and stripes are being matched)

Once 2 panels are sewn together, matching one seam of it to form the 3rd panel!

Note you can make this skirt into 6/8/12 panel skirt by changing just 1 step

calculate 0 - 3 as

6 panel skirt = 1/12 waistband + 1 cm
8 panel skirt = 1/16 waistband + 1 cm
12 panel skirt = 1/24 waistband + 1 cm

The dart portion can be ignored for kids and can be used as such for added ease; i have used hip round instead of waist round for my DD's skirt shown above and have added elasticated waistband!

Hope you found this tutorial useful, please do leave your feedback

Have lots to do, suddenly realized 2 days back that Navarathri is just about a fortnight away! God i need to make 9 new dresses for my darling daughter, and i was wondering how could i fit them in, considering that i already have my workdesk full with Sew Skirts September (hope it is proving to be useful to all of you!), Retro Pillow Challenge (yet to get started on that), Purse Challenge ( I need to search my drafts to figure out when and where did i commit to that!)

Last year i had promised to self that i will certainly sew atleast 3 new outfits for me, well i don't know if i will be able to keep that promise, let us see.

Moreover, preparatory work for Navarathri also has to be done, Golu Park to be made, toys to be dusted and cleaned!. Adithi's School is going to celebrate Navarathri this year (Every Year, they celebrate 1 festival!) and have requested the kids to bring 1 toy each (which shall be returned!) she is tilting towards pretty krishna idol, whereas i was pinning for Ganesh made of 9 grains! let us see who wins this vote!

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  1. I like the way the stripes have turned out. You're going to have so many new skirts to wear!

  2. I am liking this. Seems east to do. I like th eway the lines meet in the middle.

  3. Thanks Carolyn! Those chevron stripes were hard to get with the diagonal striped fabric, i had earlier done with vertical stripes! This skirt was for my Daughter, i still have this fabric left, hope to make one for self!

    Thanks Thendral!

    Thanks The House That Can, yes this one is really easy, pls do try it out!

  4. I was shocked that you were late.. *smiles*.. Happy to see you again at Colours Dekor.. and I dont have to say.. that.. this is absolutely stunning!!

  5. how did you add an elastic waistband?

  6. @Natalie
    Please check the patternless skirt in < 15 minutes tutorial , wherein i have explained the elastic casing waistband in detail.

  7. Hi, I just came to your site, and reading your tutorial (by the way, thanks!) I don't understand one passage. You wrote that 0-3 is 1/8 waist round, but I think it should be 1/4. If I take my waist meas. of 83 cm/8+1 I'm getting almost 12cmx4 panels, that's only half the size I'd need! Does my explanation sound understandable? :)
    Maryall @

    1. It is 1/8th only, please notice that the pattern is on fold , so you will get correct waist round if you draft the pattern by keeping the paper on fold and then use it on fabric to trace pieces. Hope this helps, all the best with your panel skirt, hope to see you finished skirt !

  8. I'm very happy to see your blog...... really thank you!


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