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Nov 21, 2010

'Kaarthigai Deepam'

Today is Kaarthigai Deepam and it was once again time to light up the home.

This year it was more special as we had been preparing these little 'vilakkus' or 'diyas' by handpainting them. my DD had lot of fun doing it, our living area had been a seen of choas with colors, brushes, diyas being dried out for the past 3 the end of it all, it was well worth it.

Since i was busy lighting up the 'diyas', hubby dearest took photos, so not many of them... bear with the few...



  1. Oh lovely!! this is an amazing blog.. Totally loved it. I'm so pleased you linked in to the weekend wrap up..

    I'll be back again to check your older posts.. Looks like a few tutorials can surely inspire me.. :-)

  2. nice blog space...:)..happy karthigai


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