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Dec 14, 2010

Chocolate Cupcakes for darling daughter!

Hello Readers,

You have indeed landed on only, yes it is a site mainly dedicated to my sewing expeditions....but once in a while i do indulge in baking and today at my daughter's behest (Dora ate cupcakes yesterday, so she wanted them too)

I had earlier done plain vanilla & banana cup cakes. These Chocolate Cup Cakes are indeed a first for me for quite a few reasons....this is the first time i used melted Dark Choclate for making cup cakes (I normally use cocoa powder); Chocolate icing glaze that i have used is also a first..

Have a look! They tasted yummy!

Non-iced ones for grown ups! The one at center is from the Kiddo collection below!

Iced Lovelies with Gems Candy on Top for Darling Daughter!

Recipe Credit : Sanjeev Kapoor Recipe


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