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Jan 25, 2011

MIL's Birthday - Blouses for her!

Hello Readers,

Its been quite sometime 4 days to be precise since i posted, that is quite a loooong time for be away from my blog. But personal commitments during the weekend did not let me plan my time well enough to post.

But i was sewing all along, blouses for my MIL to be worn on her birthday, which is today!

My DD made her grandma a cute little handmade card made using calendar sheet's reverse plain side!

Will be posting tips and tricks for saree blouse draft as many readers have requested the alterations to be made for custom fit. Hopefully before the weekend.

Talking about weekend, as i said earlier i was quite held up this weekend, becoz of which i am unable to post my What's Happening Weekend...but will make up for it by making the next weekend as one to remember!

Here are the pics



  1. Can't wait for the Saree blouse tutorial!
    What a precious job Adithi did on her Grandmother's Birthday card.
    Happy Birthday to your MIL! :)

  2. Saree Blouse Tutorial is already on Board, i was talking about tips and tricks in drafting. Please check the Saree Blouse Tutorial over here
    Sewing & Pattern Making Tutorials at Adithis Amma Sews


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