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Feb 5, 2011

Dress Made of Paper Pamphlets !!!

Suddenly i landed on this, while i was searching for my DD's Room wall photos, guess what, my final project at ATDC where i did 6 months course on pattern making (a good 2 years back in 2009!!!, now you understand why i said 'landed' on this, i wonder why i didn't bother to post about it for so long!!!!).

My & my partner wanted to make a dress which is eco-friendly and cost-effective and distinct; in other words { zero percent cost; 100 percent attention }, hence made a dress made up of paper fans, using ad pamphlets sent along with newspapers !!!

It took us months to make all the paper fans !!! and then a week to assemble then onto a muslin wrap skirt and crepe bodice with side velcro closure(its on a mannequin so no the model didn't have any problem!). As a last minute addition i made the Hat with left over paper pamphlets...

This dress was chosen among few elite projects to be published in the Training Center's Catalogue! What a proud moment!

One day when i open my own Boutique i plan to have this dress on display.

We made another dress as well using Economic Times deserves a separate post, so will post it soon....

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  1. That dress is beautiful! And at first look you can't tell it's made of pamphlets!


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