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Feb 15, 2011

Saree Blouse e-Pattern Giveaway winner is ....

Time to announce the Winner of the Giveaway to celebrate 100 Followers Milestone of Adithis Amma Sews.

Thanks to all you lovely readers who participated in the Giveaway.

Saree Blouse e-Draft will be drafted and mailed for a size 38 to Lucky Girl .....
"Bella" ***DrumRoll Please ***

My DD was busy as she was about start drawing...i somehow managed to coax her into pickup the chit having winner's name from lucky drop box, which she did, here are the snaps...

Bella ... i will draft and mail you the draft by next weekend (27th Feb 2011)... Congratulations!



  1. Hi, you have an amazing blog. Sewing and patterns are fantastic..........

  2. Of course I am more than thrilled to have won, and how precious that your beautiful daughter picked me, he he. AWESOME!!!!

    Thanks so much for everything, I am so happy I found your awesome blog girl. It's been so fun seeing all your fabulous creations, and now hopefully, I can create one of my own.

    Thanks again,

    Bella :)

  3. Hopping in on Friday. Hope you have a great weekend. New follower :).


  4. I'm a new a follower from 'Boost My Blog Friday.'

    I love this blog! I have just started to learn to sew and I love reading about other people's experiences.


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