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Mar 11, 2011

Me Made March Days 4 - 10

What happened to Me-Made-March, well it is hot n happening on certain days alongside are those damp squib days thanks to my menstrual cycle due to which i was roaming around in lounge pants mostly and did not bother to pick and choose and wear!

Days 5-8 were off days so lets see what i did wear on Day 4 and on Days 9-10 . I did not manage to take snaps but will share earlier snaps of those dress

On Day 4 i wore this Red Kurta which i made about 8 months ago.

Day 9 was this sublime white n green kurta which made its debut at the Kodai Holiday last year

Day 10 was the Angrakha which still get visitors for its bright colors and unique design. Those interested in making one, can check out the Angrakha Pattern Drafting and Sewing Tutorial

I have made a new dress a churidhaar kameez and hope to wear it soon, and post !

Happy Weekend!



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  4. Lovely! You are so talented!
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  5. Love them all, they're so charming in their simplicity!

  6. Thank you Magdamgda, Glenda, Callista, Dawn, Nancy.

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  9. Hi,

    Nice blog and the angrakha kurta has really turned out good...



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