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Apr 11, 2011

Bad Experience with Fashion and You

I wanted to surprise my hubby and decided to get him a Kurta Pyjama set which i saw online at Fashion and You. Since i had made many purchases earlier, i did not doubt about their delivery even though i saw few people who were muffed and frustrated over their response to wrong products being delivered.

Guess what i was in for a shock when i received a wrong set instead of the one i ordered and it is also valued at way less than the price i had paid. I had placed order in early Feb, as it is the case i usually receive my orders only after a month, i received it on 03/11/2011 and decided to revert back to them and sent a mail on 03/12/2011. and got a response next day asking for me to send the picture of the product i received and they had attached a picture of the product i had ordered. It was clearly the case of wrong product being delivered.After receivng my attachment and viewing it, they said they will arrange for return courier and pick it back and refund my money to my Fashion and You account. I was bit miffed about not being able to get original product as well as refused the cash back. Still thought ok atleast i get back the value of the money i paid in my account.

But after a few more mails later, the same story continued, saying courier will pick up now, tomorrow, sooner as possible etc. the latest mail i received was more than week back stating it will be done in 2-7 days and i am still waiting. I am out of patience, and i want my cash back and don't even want the amount credited to my account as i not confident anymore of buying from Fashion And You.

How happy i was when i found this option of buying online, various brands at reasonable prices, not anymore, BAD BAD After sales and customer service, wrong product is just not acceptable and what's even more appalling is the rate at which they rectify their mistakes (actually not rectified yet, i atleast hope they are trying to )

So after this bitter experience, i would like to give a piece of advice any of my readers to spare a thought regarding this experience of mine and also of loads of others (as i can see from various consumer complaints forums) before they think of spending their valuable money online on Fashion And You.

BTW I have given up on getting this wrong product taken back and also any thoughts of getting my money back !



  1. If you hae paid with paypal, you can open a dispute with the online store via paypal... It must be done within 45 days. I hope you get back your money.

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  3. I completely know how you feel. I have been having bad experience after bad experience with them that finally now I have stopped buying from then altogether.

    Some examples:
    I ordered a pair of shoes and upon arrival they were worn out and flaking. Like you, I tried the return process and met with similar results.

    In another instance, I ordered a pair of shorts and after waiting for over a month I finally called to find out the status. I was informed that F&Y goofed up and they were not available and my order was cancelled.

    In yet another situation, (last one I'll say, although i have many more)I ordered a pair of shoes and when the bill came it was nearly twice as much as the price they had stated on the website, and as usual, customer service was most unhelpful.

    Hope you get your money back though, and hopefully they will either get their act together or admit that they are incompetent and shut down until they can provide proper products and service.


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