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Apr 18, 2011

Wedding's round the corner = Heavy Sewing !

The past week did not have much of posts, will make up for it as i have loads to sew. My cousin's wedding is round the corner and i need to sew new outfits for my Darling Daughter, sister, mother and self. 

Here is the snapshot of the Silk Saree Blouse for my mother, currently WIP

The project up next will be for my sister a Lehenga choli (she needs full skirt, the snap is that of the top material which is silk brocade, the lehenga will be in shimmer organza in dull gold color! let your imagination run wild, till i get to post the actual picture of the lehenga fabric)

what does this mean, of course you got it right, there will more tutorials on offer for Lehenga Choli !

Oh yes the pending Katori Choli Blousing sewing tutorial is there, but i guess it will have to wait a little more till then wedding trousseau is ready !

Well what was i doing the past week, well baking and lazing around ! taking a break from sewing, well not actually did managed to sew 2 outfits, will post pics soon. Below is a snapshot of Bread Butter Pudding made  yesterday



  1. I love your site... Love that you have awesome tutorials for our traditional clothes... Love it!

  2. Thanks Uma for loving Adithis Amma Sews. Please continue your love and patronage


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