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May 12, 2011

FNY - experience getting worser every day !

A further update on Fashion And You. I had received a cheque some 15 days back on the name of my account as it is FNY. but my bank accounts are with my initials, hence i was not able to encash the cheque, so I informed them back and was asked to cancel the cheque and send a scanned copy of the cheque back to them, which i did immediately.After about a week i got a response saying they are not able to find any attachment in the mail i sent across, how amusing, whereas i resent (4 times so far) and cc'd it to my id and sis's id and am able to view it clearly and even able to download it.

here is the image.... god knows what's stopping them, this is the limit and i have lost patience, any idea how to go about it to consumer court regarding online shopping. Any info will be of great help.

Are you guys able to check the image? People at FNY are you listening, bad will is improving by every day. please do something about it, you are losing out on customers?


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  1. Hello Adithi's ammma,

    Internet piracy is widespread. Why don't you overwrite your account number? Please overshade the number soon.


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