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Aug 25, 2011

Pink Blush Balloon Frock!

My first order outside of Chennai! Yay! I am thrilled just sent the parcel across! Hope it reaches my client safely. Due to privacy concerns of client, i am afraid i can't divulge more details! but i can brag about the dress isn't it!

Here it is :
  • Satin bodice with ruffled (elasticated straps - accommodating for growing kids!) + Ties at the back!
  • invisible zipper closure at back
  • balloon skirt in organza (lined with pale pink satin!)

Highlight of the dress though are the handmade flowers. They took an hour to make and another 10 to attach to bodice before adding lining! so it is prick-free!

Hope it fits the little princess of my client to the 'T' and she has nice time wearing it!

First the organza had to be cut in circles, I had cut 50 circles in all and used 45 of them!

Then their edges had to be sealed by showing them carefully near the candle flame! then fold them and sew in place using hand! (they are too delicate and intricate to be machine stitched! so they can be, but since it is 'Couture'' we are talking here (remember Adithi's Couture - Custom made clothing !) so did all the flowers by hand, added a button and pearl at center and added a dangling bead for the middle flower only!

Here they are lovely flowers (oh those cute hands are my DD's!)

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  1. Congrats! The frock looks gorgeous!
    Thanks for you lovely comment and for the award. Though mine is a tag free-award free blog...I appreciate your thought:)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Beautiful.......... Good luck for all your future orders.

  3. Good job! the flowers have turned out really well!

  4. Those flowers are jewels in themselves! Great dress! Do you easily find invisible zips and any color? My regular accessory shop doesn't have, I guess I have to search in the fabric market...

  5. Such delicate and lovely flowers and all little girls will love this delicate pink shade you have chosen.Congratulations

  6. wow...beautiful akka really it looks the fabric flowers..i wil try it in ma kameez

  7. Thanks Shalini, Megha, vji, Sonia

    Thanks Sanghamithra, i understand your stand on blog issues.

    Thanks Magda, invisible zippers in colors are difficult to find, though i do get them (when i do find them i buy in bulk!) from Raja Thread Store, T.Nagar, and it is also available in Pandian Thread Store, T.Nagar. Actually earlier on only short invisible zippers (8-10") where available here and i would go to Parrys Corner to get invisible zippers (after almost begging the shopkeeper) from the wholesale shops with much struggle!

  8. What a beautiful dress! So much detail and work has gone into it! Congrats on the sale!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  9. Thanks Thendral & Jill. i hope the client's Daughter likes it, she has received the parcel today, hope to get feedback soon!

  10. oh wow!! you actually make and sell these..?? really!! wow.. wow!! that sure needs talent.. and a whole lot of courage!!

  11. Wow, absolutely gorgeous is a dress for a little princess:) And those handmade flowers, priceless:):)

  12. So beautiful! Thanks for linking up!

  13. Thanks Kala & Emily for the compliments. Those flowers make the dress unique , don't they?!

    Thanks Patricia. Yup i did sell them, want to make one more for my darling daughter. in case you have any special requests for your darling daughters please do feel free to order @ Adithi's Amma Sews Kids Couture!.

  14. ohhh the frock is gorgeous... Good luck on ur venture

  15. Thanks Rainbow!

    Thanks Jill!

    Thanks MindfulMeanderer!

  16. this beautiful frock has inspired me to start stitching again after almost 20 years. i used to make pretty dresses for my daughters when they were tiny and now it's goingto be for my granddaughter. you make it sound so simple i'm just dying to give it a try. i only hope i'm able to get the right materials. i might bother you if i need any help.

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  18. Thanks SS! feel free to reach me in case you need any clarification!

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  20. sorry for the goof up. i don't know what i did, but my msg has been posted thrice here. sorry once again


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