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May 29, 2011

'Purple Princess' Lehenga Choli - Photo shoot

The snaps shared over here at first were the ones which were actually taken at last in the comfort of my home!

Now on to the 'Happening Photoshoot' which i scheduled with Sister (The Ace photographer, no pun intended, she is very good at photography), as i decided to make the snaps look more professional and appealing, you readers deserve some nice snaps and so do the outfits i painstakingly design and create!

OK, without further adieu here is how the photo shoot unfolded:

Planned Venue: Exhibition near SRP tools, it is open till June 5th 
There is a replica of Taj Mahal, which is the main (& only one for me) attraction over there which has other kiddo things giant wheel and so on ...

So why was i here, to have a look at the replica, well yes , but more than that i thought this would be the perfect backdrop for the photoshoot of my 'Purple Princess Lehenga' which made its debut appearance at my cousin's wedding (alas without any proper snaps of the lehenga!)

I was very apprehensive as I entered the exhibition wearing this outfit. Outrageous right! But i wanted to snap it in this background! So somehow managed to get over the initial jitters. The crowd present there also did'nt help. My sister & me reached there around 4:45 pm (exhibition opens at 4 PM) thinking that there won't any crowd till 5:30 PM, but to my discomfort there was a bustling crowd already gathered there!! No family outing it was, with lots of boisterous crowd around (you know what i mean!)

Here are the snaps, The first one to cover the TajMahal set basically, from the long shot it looks really as close as possible as any replica can, but upclose you feel cheated! But who cares! I came here for some nice backdrop for the photoshoot, which was available.

Now on to more snaps of the Outfit - Front & Back View in BORING poses
( I was too nervous to pose!)

Next snap was taken on the side view of the set (there was lesser crowd and hence a better pose!)

Still not convinced with the above set of snaps, we decided to move to a location where i feel comfortable (more importantly where there will not be any onlookers!)

Guess where did we head next, on to one of the busiest roads in chennai, OMR - IT Corridor and guess what loads of people buzzing past us, few hardly noticed us, leave alone bothering us! So here i was relieved and my initial jitters gone, i was ready to be caught snapping!

I had overcome the 'photo freeze' stage and was more at ease now, the below snaps show them don't they

The below one was taken at the National Institute of Fashion Technology Bus Stop !

Here are the design close ups !

Back Neckline

Design on Skirt Yoke using 1/8 inch sequin trim! (made this all in machine itself without any embroidery hoop, lazy me, actually i was in a hurry to finish off the outfit in 2 days, remember the wedding rush!)

Petal Sleeves

BTW where is the 'Purple Princess' - Here she is .. he he he ..!   :)

Details of the construction of the skirt and top will be covered in the tutorial (coming up next week!, watch out)



  1. hello there,been following you for sometimes the fabric so much,i have visited taj mahal some 30yrs ago,beautiful monument.

  2. looks amazing...color suits u...

  3. I love the neckline of this outfit.. Very well made! Good work dear!

  4. Lovely snaps. Lovely colors. It suits you well!

  5. Oh that lengha is gorgeous.. specially with the Taj at the back.. is simply WOW!!

  6. Wow! What a beautiful dress. Great photos too! Visiting from Show and Tell Wednesday.
    {Accuquilt Giveaway} 

  7. Absolutely beautiful, you can see how much work went into this. (via We Did It Wednesday linkup)

  8. Thank you all. I loved wearing the outfit.

  9. Lakshmi, your dress is BEAUTIFUL, and one of my favorites so far. You my dear, are just as beautiful, and I enjoyed the photo shoot very much.

    You are super talented, and I love seeing all your new creations!!

    I loved this so much, I featured you girl!
    Come grab a button girl, and display it proudly!

    Hugs, Bella **Features from week #39** @ Bella Before and After

  10. Thanks for the feature Bella. I am Honored!

  11. Oh woooow, lovely lehenga choli.... N You are looking soooooo beautiful...Pls give me tutorial of this dress...pls pls pls...(*_*)

  12. Thanks prajna!

    Thanks Trupti. Tutorial will be back after Diwali!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. this dress looks amazing, and you look like a dream!

    wow. fabulous work. and you are gorgeous!

  15. very good article. nicely written, i wish next on bridal lehenga


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