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Jun 23, 2011

Attachable Sewing Machine Pin Cushion

After seeing this post on grossgrain, i wanted to make an attachable pin cushion to help me keep the pins easily accessible!

I measured the area beneath my stitch length dial and up to the base and drafted a mini pattern which has 2 retangles and 2 semi-ovals (In case anyone interested, shall do a mini-tute on how to make it)

Here is my  favourite 'new sewing accessory' !

after decking up my machine with new pin cushion and machine cover, i thought it surely needs a clean up and cleaned up the sewing machine table as well. So my darling sewing machine is clean and ready to work hard for me as ever!



  1. that is a clever idea.. why didnt i think of it before? (but i wont be able to take my foam star everywhere.. from the ironing board to the table to the sewing machine..) oh well. clever idea. my pincushion is a foam puzzlepiece from the scores of foam puzzles my kids have. i think, if it works, why ttake the trouble to change it?

    your new pincushion is very prety.

  2. what an innovative idea. You have so much stuff here. I think I will have to check it out in detail in time. Thank You for dropping by my blog and becoming a follower. You have become my follower number 222 kind of a magical number!
    I am also becoming your follower. Yesterday night the follow button was not even visible on your blog. I keep getting this problem since past couple of weeks on many blogs!


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