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Jul 8, 2011

7th Wedding Anniversary !

Today my hubby dearest and me are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary in Shakileshpur (off bangalore).

Can't believe how time flies away. 7 years its been since we have been married.

I am grateful to god to have given me such a loving, caring, understanding husband who lets me be myself and accepts me as I am. Though i don't tell him often as to how much i love him post marriage (pre-marriage was like a whole another story of saying I Love You at the drop of the hat), as we have more responsibilities and people to take care of now, than we were as lovey dovey love birds. I make it a point that this day, i express to him, what he means to me, how he has changed my life for better and simply thank god for having given him to me.

I managed to sew a Kurta for him and a dress for my Daughter and an outfit for self. wanted to sew one more outfit for him, but didn't manage time to shop for fabrics suited for men. Had this kurta fabric and hence managed to sew one. I am giving him hand kerchiefs as birthday present on his birthday which is tomorrow (i know how stupid of me), but that's what i could think of the most he is in need of ! I had ordered a tie, but unfortunately it has not reached me yet (the bane of online shopping!)

Will compensate by sewing some pyjamas and formal shirts for him in near future. ok hubby dearest, take my word for it; i know you will

Best Anniversary Gift ever; Handmade drawing by our Darling Daughter
with the help of my sister, signatures of artists (DD & sister) were added as also our names and has been duly framed. Thanks DD & Sister. God Bless.

Dress made for DD to be worn on our anniversary day. More detail snaps and action shots after vacation!

Hubby's Kurta

My outfit - Leopard print + florals tunic

These snaps will also be the last set taken from my old camera. Sister has gifted a New Cam Cannon powershot for anniversary! Excited to make its debut during the vacation !



  1. Many happy returns of the day. happy Anniversary. May you have many many happy years together.

  2. I love the outfits of all 3 ppl and the ppl too :)

  3. Hi Creative Mama,

    Congratulations and great news, - you won the Crescent Skirt Pattern on my giveaway. PLease contact me on my blog (you will see my email address there) to claim your prize.


  4. Belated Happy Anniversary! Lovely gifts you've made from your family, and it proves that like I say, when you give you get: congrats on your new camera!

  5. Thanks to you all lovely ladies. Thanks a ton for your wishes.


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