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Jul 14, 2011

Anniversary Outfits !

I guess the outfits i did manage to sew for my wedding anniversary do deserve a separate post, hence here it is

Kurta for my hubby : We forgot to take a solo snap of him  in this kurta !

Plain simple kurta in 50% cotton, 50% polyester ;
Chinese collar
French seams

Happy that it did fit him well. I would personally prefer the shoulder to be 1/2 inch less but he like it when they droop a bit, since he is the one is going to wear it, i made it suit his comfort zone.

Summer Dress for Darling Daughter.

Can we wear something new when our darling isn't ? so here it was a new dress for Adithi

Highlight of this dress is the braided straps (Remember the pink knit ruffle skirt - BTW it is still on sale - any takers?) using pink knit and dress fabric bias straps about 1/4 inch wide.

She sported 2 looks, one with a t-shirt worn underneath as Athibeedu was quite cool ! The other is the version she will wearing in sweltering Chennai !

Leopard Print + Flower Motifs Dress for self

I love animal prints and had been wanting to make an outfit in this one, but wasn't quite sure as to how to break the print up to make me look not so lean ! (Remember the same pink knit ruffle skirt on which i had ruffles using a shimmery fabric, i used the remaining shimmer fabric here), Shimmery fabric - bias strips strategically placed across the bodice till waist line by embracing my curves !

I like pleats and added one at the hemline; shortened the original hemline and added pleated portion to get the normal height.

Wanted to pair it with lace leggings, since it was too cold in Athibeedu, decided to pair with slim fit denim.



  1. Hi,I came across your blog only recently!great work..your top is soo nice.I am truly inspired seeing your work.I am a sporadic the beauty of stitching my own salwar suits recently,though I have been sewing basic stuff for years...Only one request,I want to try the katori/bombay cut blouse,but the pic is a bit too small,I can't read the numbers.Is there anyway you could post a bigger pic?

  2. @Vini K
    Thanks for visting Adithis Amma Sews. If you like the blog, please become a follower so that you can get regular updates about latest Tutorials, the latest tutorial being Dice Cushion Tutorial".

    I have made the Katori Blouse Pictures to Maximum size now, hope you are able to view the text clearly now, if not please do let me know will reload even bigger pictures.


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