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Jul 20, 2011

Dhoti Pant aka Cowl Pant

I have wanted to make Dhoti pants for self (for almost more than 2 years now!!!!, that's the speed at which i stitch for self), ever since i made a Cowl pant (the same pant is also known as 'Samosa' pant!) for DD, check this post for viewing the same. Read an article this Monday about Dhoti pants being a rage in chennai currently, with a lead actress flaunting it. I decided to make it at last and did it ! wish i had done this long back, its always better late than never, isn't it?

Side View and Back View

Side View and Front View

I wore it to pick my DD up from school (it was hot off the sewing machine!) and since she had not seen the outfit, i was curious to know her reaction. Guess what , she frowned and my heart sank! I asked her what's wrong with the outfit, she said she liked the pants, but not the combination and suggested me to wear a white top with it, which i did , in the evening and here are the shots!

Want to make Dhoti Pant / Cowl Pant;  Tutorial - Click Here



  1. Very nice. I also stitched a dhoti for my son recently in the same manner. Will post it very soon....

  2. Hi,
    I'm from chennai and live in the US now. Like and enjoy your blog. You shd definitely post a tutorial of this cowl pant. I taught myself to sew and appreciate bloggers like you who make it easy for the rest of us to learn without leaving the comfort of our homes.

  3. Thanks Shalini, would love to see your dhoti pants, do post a link back once you do post it.

    Thanks Mubsal, I am glad you like Adithis Amma Sews. Dhoti pant tutorial is in draft and will be posted soon, keep watching out.

  4. hi i liked ur blog very much. though i am a doctor by profession and a mother of a daughter and a son , wife of lovely doctor husband , i do find some time for my creativity. thank you very much for your tutorial. love you for teaching cowl pants. i had been struggling to find out how to stitch. where do you live?


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