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Jul 21, 2011

Feedback Please !

This post is just get valuable feedback of Adithis Amma Sews Readers'. Somehow plan to entice you into leaving more comments. I do need them badly! Don't i deserve some comments for all the efforts that go into each post / tutorial / information shared !

PLEASE PLEASE Respond. There has been a banner change ; Maria of Agape Love Designs has been generous to do it and the blog button is in WIP. Not a single comment on that; after all there was hours and hours of work put in by Maria and quite a few by self as well; now that i have lost in touch with css and coding stuff, have to brush up and manage, so it takes double the time what it should normally take for a web design professional. After all those hours, i would like to get some comments, good, bag, ugly, critic, something.

It is not for the design part alone for which i am requesting comments, if you happen to read ANY Post which you find it interesting, intriguing, helpful, offensive, whatever you feel revert back. In case you happen to use any of the Tutorials hosted on Adithis Amma Sews and / or find them to be useful/helpful please do respond and give a feedback, for all those hours spent on making the tutorial will be made worthwhile by thoughtful comments.

Today i sat up for couple of hours late night to spice up comments section so that it will be inviting and interesting for those who do oblige to respond.

I would also like to thank all those readers who do regularly respond, Thank you so much all you sweet friends! Thanks a ton!

Comments actually brighten up my day, before i check blog stats for the day, the first thing i look for is comments and yearn for it badly! Though i see a huge increase in number of hits, mostly my tutorials, that means lot of readers are interested in using them, then is too high a demand to ask for a response, that's the least that can be done isn't it. What do you think? I do not even have CAPTCHA or other kind of painful add-ons to posting comments, SO what are you waiting for, go ahead send in your messages,

Tutorial for Dhoti Pants  / Cowl Pants are in draft stage, somehow am not able to find the motivation to spruce me up to finish it off, your comments are my tonic, let me wait for response and rejuvenate self through your comments, so go ahead and comment to recent posts, older posts, posts you loved / liked /or even hated! Tutorial page also invites suggestions, what future tutorials do you look forward to etc.,

KEEP THOSE COMMENTS coming in...... I am waiting ??????



  1. Well what I have discovered in blogland is that sometimes a blog might have around 700 followers with lots of tutorials but hardly any comments if there is poor response to the comments. I dont know you long so dont know if you do or dont respond to comments! Its a reciprocal thing people comment if you leave comments!Many people love comments others dont bother !
    Cheer up dear the number of comments does not decide the success of your blog but I know it does cheer one up! I love to leave a lot of comments on blogs I support and so in turn when I post something utterly simple too I get lots of comments from blogger friends! Try it!

  2. I do respond to the user comments from time to time say thrice a week by categorizing posts. I do love comments. Hmm will try to socialize more on blogland. lets see, fingers crossed. Thanks for your suggestions and i love viewing your artistic magic!

  3. I think the issue is with the incredible number of ads in this site, whereever I click it opens up in a new window and a new ad shows up, it is irritating, may be thats y?

  4. @Olivia
    Thanks for following Adithis Amma Sews Will surely check your site.

  5. @Anonymous
    Thanks for frank feedback.

    But i would like to differ on this, i do not think there are too many ads in the subject or within the post. Most of my readers are for tutorials and in main tutorial page there are no ads in the content area.

    In individual posts too there is an ad at begining of the post and then the post is continuous without any interruption and at the end of the post there is an option to comment. So atleast when users make of use tutorials, the least one can expect is to leave a comment back regarding their feedback. With the entire list of tutorials, the tutorial page does not have so many comments, so what could be the reason for this entire page without ad (in content region) getting feedback pattern like this?

    Ads are there on almost every blog these days and their placement and frequency may differ, still it does not / cannot exceed max limit so i think there shouldn't be an issue there.

    Opening up in a new window is to ensure that the user does not lose out on what is being currently viewed. Links within the same site i.e., Adithis Amma Sews, do open up in same window.

  6. Thanks April

    Dear Readers i would like to inform you that i have sent termination notice to infolinks and after 30 days i shall remove all infolink ads and as of now reduced them to bare minimum that i am supposed to retain till notice period terminates, please bear with me till then, after which there will not be any contextual ads within the post.

  7. Hi Adithi's amma
    First of kudos to u for the great job you are doing. I regularly visit ur site to see what new things u do.I like to sew but I dont know how to.
    Secondly for the feedback part I think u need to develop the photography in u r website. trust me it makes a lot of difference.I am an indian residing in US and I have visited lots of blog apart from the content the visuals really matter. I am familiar with the materials you mention in the blog so I know its value , but the photography doesnt do much justice to the material.
    Thats just my opinion.
    P.s: this is the first time ever i m leaving a comment on somes blog. I tried to be as gentle as possible .I hope it helps.

  8. @Anonymous
    My sister is an amateur photographer and its her hobby and she keeps telling me to improve the snaps i post, i am surely working at it, hope you get to see better pictures. Please give feedback again say after a month's time regarding pictures. As of now i am enlarging all the tutorial pictures to x-large size.

    Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  9. Hi Creative mama, you writing style is good. The tutorials too are great. That's why you have the followers you have. The only area that could be improved is the visual appeal of your blog. The best advice I can give is that you observe your favorite blogs. See their headers, banners, the layouts, colors used, fonts used. You have already mentioned that you are working on the photography.

    Do let me know if I can help you any any way. I would be pleased to do so.

  10. @meghaThanks for the feedback Megha.

    I am working on look and feel of the blog
    Maria of Agape Love Designs worked on the Banner (the current one) and is working on the blog button. Trying to cut down on unnecessary widgets on sidebar. blog's predominant color is white with dash of pink and purple thrown in.


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