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Jul 30, 2011

Scrap Bin

5 thread overlocker was creating a lot of mess (as the edges are cut off and gives it a neat finish, i am not complaining, may be bragging!) and decided to make amends to it.

Made a Fabric Basket made of 4 rectangles and 1 square for base with a cardboard placed at bottom to give and retain shape! 

Does not look very professional, but who cares, it solved the problem and serves its purpose and took only 10 minutes to do, so what more can i ask for from a scrap bin !

Want to see how messy it was earlier, here it is !



  1. It looks like it works well. Seems like you are really enjoying working with your new machine! Cool!

  2. Thanks Uma. I am enjoying and learning more as i sit with the new overlocker!


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