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Jul 12, 2011

Vacation in Athibeedu

Here are the pics of our vacation at Jenukallu Valley Retreat to celebrate our 7th Wedding Anniversary (8th July 2011) and my Hubby's b'day the next day (9th July 2011)

Location : AthiBeedu (25km off Sakhleshpur which is 250+ km from Banglore)

Darling Daughter made this for us ! (with the help of sister to frame it)

View we had from our sit out in the resort 

On the day of arrival, we took a wrong turn (driver was quite lost in his own world and wouldn't listen to us! so he took left turn inspite of our pleas to go straight!) and landed up in a slushy dead end with valley right beneath it! We had to push the vehicle and had our clothes quite dirty, then i took the wheel (after many many years!) and hubby and driver pushed the vehicle and we got out of the rut! What a start to the trip ! unforgettable ! Enroute Darling Daughter vomited as she is allergic to hill rides ! (quite like her mum, i used to do so when i was a child)

So after a tiring journey we reach the resort, to be freshened up by just the views, here are a few snaps taken immediately on reaching our sit out !

We freshened up (look who is already busy drawing)

More snaps of the valley view! Do you see the slush volleyball court down there, wish we we sporty enough to try it (we were too tired n lazy)

Did you notice i thought it was just a piece of wood, before i took a closer look (see next pic!) !!!

After having lunch and then dozing off few hours, we were back in action trying the rope adventure set up at the resort !

This was the last snap taken during the adventure before my Darling Daughter had a fall (see she was closing her eyes!)

So after the fall, father n daughter duo took a sabatical and mom the brave girl continued !

Next stage !

The most toughest act!

To reap the benefits of the hardwork so far, i get to slide through the rope way !

It's my hubby's turn now !

After such hectic activity ;) we were tired, had dinner and dozed off - need proof see the snap below !

Next day was welcoming us with a misty morning, here we are in the 8th year  of our marriage !

Had a suprise gift for DD with lot of her beloved accessories and she had a nice time (in fact woke up inspite of repeated calls, by hearing that she has gift waiting for her!)

Here she is wearing the outfit made for her to celebrate the anniversary, since it was quite cold, added up a t-shirt under the dress and paired it up with leggings and finished it off with a pair of socks!

Snap taken by DD so excuse shaky feel (hubby dearest opening up his anniversary gift ! kurta i had stitched for him)

Lost in her own world !

DD took this snap of both of us together
Kurta fitted my Hubby very well ! Yay!

We went to 'Kalnadeeshwarar Temple' which they say is about 2100 years old ! and has a 'suyambu' lingam as the main deity. Suyambu means self-rising / self-forming !

In the snap below i was discussing the details of the surprise cake cutting ceremony i was planning to have for my hubby tomorrow (9th July) with resort guide! Hubby dearest unaware of what's happening was actually taking a snap of the discussion! Staff at the resort were very friendly and made us feel at ease and relaxed. You don't get access to TV, mobile network, even newspaper, but that's what exactly one needs to spend some time off and unwind, so we had no issues, in fact the resort guy was so helpful and gave us his mobile (only MTS & Cellone works there) so that we can receive messages on our anniversary as well the next day for my hubby's b'day !

Then we went to a near by waterfall - AWESOME! words fail me !

After coming back we had lunch and later in the evening dozed off, had dinner and then again dozed off (wait a minute, we are holidaying right, so it is okay to eat and then sleep off!!!)

Next day, here is the b'day baby opening up his b'day gift !

Darling daughter gifted her dear dad, the handmade card !

Then much to my hubby's surprise we got a pie (sorry no cakes available in and around Athibeedu! in fact we went about 3 km to get even this pie !) and made him cut it !

At noon, after lunch, we went to try our hands at swimming in this man made pond which is 5.5 feet deep at max level ! This was quite adventurous  as we had a chance meeting with a leech, which stung me first and then on trying to remove it went to my DD's leg and then on to hubby's hand (we still have the cut in our legs & hands !!!!)

After having a cold dip, we went back and had a shower and came back to warm ourselves at the campfire

next day, we were to leave the resort, but not before we tried our hands at Fishing at the lake (18 feet deep) behind the Resort cottages !

here is our catch (too small i know, we were quite elated and gladly let it back into water!)

Here i am getting myself a fish pedicure !!!

Now that was quite a big post, but i am sure it was not boring as it had amazing pics of the beautiful place and less of my blah blah isn't it or was it ? !!!



  1. happy wedding anniversary...hav a wonderful luv year ahead...nice place and nice shots.

  2. happy anniversary! :)
    we went to the same place on my bday

  3. beautiful place! all of you seem to have enjoyed yourselves a lot! wishing you many more happy anniversaries!

  4. Happy wedding anniversary.... May God bless you and your family always... I loved all the pictures.. It must be very refreshing to be away from all the hustle and bustle!

  5. Wow such a picturesque holiday and you guys sure did have fun! I liked the part about no tv and cellphones!

  6. lovely place and such lovely shots.!:)

  7. Totally LOVED seeing your beautiful family Lakshmi. That was just awesome, what a great vacation, it was beautiful for sure, and looked like so much fun. My princess also gets sick with long drives, he he.

    Gosh, my daughter and your daughter would have soooo much fun if they were to meet. Maybe one day when we visit India. Do you live near Bangalore?

    Thanks for sharing, and hope you are well. Happy Anniversary!!

    Hugs, Bella :)
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  8. aaawww... What a lovely way to celebrate!! Lovely to see all of you.. in one post.. and all of you having such a fabulous time!!

    Hope you have a stunning week ahead of you... and thank you for your comment... totally made my day!! and for always being so encouraging!! :-)

  9. Happy Anniversary! what a lovely weekend u had...

  10. Great post!! I'm visiting from the blog hop and I'm your newest follower. I'd love it if you followed me back at


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