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Aug 20, 2011

Guest Post - Jill from ''Creating My Way to Success''

Dear Readers,

Blog-o-sphere is just a wonderful space where we meet people with similar interests, tastes, hobbies, lifestyle, thought process, the list goes on and on ... of these people whom we meet, we do connect with some of them or many of them depending on how sociable  you are! All this month of August I had promised to Make it Special Saturdays! Yes! Today is another Special Saturday! And we have another Honoured Guest over here!

Meet my dear friend Jill from Creating My Way to Success! I landed up on her blog through one of the linky parties and then i realized i had discovered a Treasure Trove of Craftiness! She is Creative, Talented, and above all her business acumen and her urge to make it big in Blog-o-sphere made me visit her blog regularly! Her writing is simple yet strongly conveys the message. She has been generous enough to share her Tips on how to make it big in Blog-o-sphere! Check it out and i am sure you will put them to good use!


Hi! my name is Jill from Creating my way to Success

I'm so excited to be guest posting today here at Adithis Amma Sews. Always a fabulous place to visit with some amazing sewing and tutorials! I have this site in my blog list on the sidebar of my site so I don't miss a thing!

My blog (Creating my way to Success) is mostly about sewing, and I offer lots of free tutorials for the things I make.
I also write about things I'm learning about blogging.  I like to share the knowledge of the things I'm learning and how I'm growing my blog!
Today I'd like to share with you ideas and ways to grow your creative blog - and gain a wider readership.  Blogs are a wonderful place to showcase your creativity, meet like-minded people - and gain exposure for your talent with a potential to turn your creativity into a source of income!
Here are my own tips and hints!

Decide what your blog is about
This is the most important first step to take. You have to have a focus for what you are writing about so that people can come to your blog for a purpose.  This could be anything from sewing tips and tutorials, to fashion advice or cooking recipes. 
Having a clear topic for your blog also helps people recommend you to others.
"I found a great blog full of delicious recipes!"
"This is a great blog to look at for learning to sew clothes."
If you are planning on eventually turning your creativity into a profitable business - focussing from the start, will also mean you're building a following of people interested in what you have to offer.  Potentially future customers.

Build your reputation
Now that you know what your blog is all about - you have to fill it with great content.  Whenever you read about what's important with getting people to read your blog - you often see the phrase,
"Content is King"
I have to agree - and from my experiences over my year of blogging, I have worked hard on building up a large bank of tutorials so that my blog has plenty to offer my readers - and a reason for them to stay a while and browse - with more content added regularly so they have a reason to keep coming back.
It is important to post regularly too, and not give up if you don't get much feedback.  There are some tutorials I post that I love and think will be a big hit, but they get virtually no response. Then there are others that I'm not so sure about that have turned out to be really popular!
I have learnt that consistency and persistence are two key factors on the road to success.

Get yourself out there
Once you've started building content on your site, you need to shout about it!  Link your projects up to as many places as you can.  There are endless linky parties where you can show off your creativity. Many blogs have lists of these parties and the days they are on.  But don't just link up and walk away (so to speak)  Go and visit some of the other links and comment on them.  You get out as much as you put in.  If you make the effort to visit people - then most often then will return the favour.
One thing you can do to help this is add a clickable signature to your comments.
(If you don't know how to do this - it's number 6 on the list of my Top 10 Blogging Tips)
There are also many sites you can join and add or submit your projects.  I have found the following to be great traffic sources for my blog when I've had my tutorials and projects featured.
Again persistence is the key - just keep on sending your projects in - don't get disheartened if some don't get accepted - lots of my submissions and projects get no response - but others get noticed and keep on bringing me traffic months later!

Blogging is a two-way street
It's not enough to just write great content and get your work featured on larger sites.  Blogging is quite a personal business.  It's important to form relationships with your readers. Reply to their comments - visit their blogs and return favours of features.  Not only is this good for your blog - it's good for you!  I have made some great friendships through my blog - and am adding to them all the time as I find new friends around the world who share the same interests as me.

Money, money, money!!
Wouldn't we all love to make money doing what we love?  To be able to earn an income through our crafts and creativity would be a dream come true for many of us.
This is the stage I'm at now.
I have filled my blog with content, built relationships and grown my blog to a level I feel demonstrates my knowledge and ability.  Now I need the time and effort I'm putting into all this to bring some financial returns.  With my kids now both in school - a return to work is inevitable - and this is the kind of work I want to continue doing.
A couple of months ago, as part of a month challenge to grow my blog I looked at various advertising methods to add to a blog to monetize it.
Then there is the more obvious side for creative bloggers - selling your creations - whether this is the physical items you make - sold through for example etsy; or patterns and tutorials sold again through etsy, or perhaps through your own blog or website. 
I am currently in the process of making up new PDF tutorials to sell, and also writing an e-book which I hope to have ready for sale next month.

So there you have it - my own tips and advice for growing your creative blog!
I hope you have found some useful information here.  Do come and visit me over at Creating my way to Success, where I am continually adding new sewing tutorials - and more blog advice as I learn things myself on my journey to success!
I look forward to meeting you!
Thanks Lakshmi for having me over!  Why not come over and see Lakshmi's guest post tutorial scheduled for 26th August on my blog!

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  1. LOVE THIS, I LOVE JILL anyway, you are right she is completely talented, and very crafty, and very creative. I've been following her for a while too.

    Those blogging tips she gave are RIGHT on, I couldn't agree with them more. Took the advice right out of my mouth, she is briliant.

    Thanks Lakshmi you are having some awesome guest bloggers, this is so fun!!

    Hugs, Bella :)
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    **$200 SHOP till you DROP giveaway** @ Bella Before and After.

  2. Thanks a million for the great information!!!!!!
    Now, I have to make some serious changes in my blog.

  3. Sorry,I was in a hurry to click the submit button in my previous comment....Thank you Adithi Amma for this guest post!

  4. Great tips. Thanks for sharing this...

  5. Thanks Bella, SV , Thendral

    I am glad it was useful to all of you. I enjoy reading Jill's blog and must admit i have benefited by implementing her tips! Best wishes to you all and Thanks to Jill for having this post over here!


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