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Aug 18, 2011

Latest Gizmo in my life! - Dell Laptop

I had been wanting to post about this latest gizmo for quite sometime now! somehow unable to manage to take a snap of it, though i connect my digital cam to it almost twice a day to upload the daily creations and sewing adventures!! yes i am talking about the Laptop i received as b'day gift from my sister! Still getting used to the smaller keyboard and the troublesome mouse pad in the middle, when i am typing the message, i all of a sudden end up zooming in or out of something, involuntarily! Courtesy the mouse pad got tickled by my ever fast fingers!

Oh! those fabric flowers are part of the latest tutorial i am currently working, watch out!!!!

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  1. I have the same laptop!Those fabric flowers looks cute.I did a different type of fabric flower from the leftover fabrics

  2. What a beautiful gift!:) And parts of your new project as well!;)

  3. akka i too have the same lap bt in blue color...beautiful gift...liv ethe fabric flowers...


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