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Sep 4, 2011

Circle Bustle Skirt Tutorial & Blog Hop

Dear Readers,

Today i am Co-hosting Blog Hop with "Home Maker on  a Dime"

Meet SJ of Home Maker on a Dime, whose blog is an online journal to celebrate creativity in its myriad forms and to help realize the dream of making a splendid home on a dime! She has been generous enough to co-host this Creative Blogger's Party and Hop (this is 23rdweek!) with many bloggers across the globe, and this week, i happen to be the lucky one! Thanks SJ!

On this occasion, to keep in trend with our "Sew Skirt September" celebrations, i am sharing a "Circle Bustle Skirt Tutorial"

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Link opens up on 5th September Monday 6:30AM Indian Standard Time! (5:30 PM Sunday,4th Sept PST)

Now here is the tutorial, hope to see more circle bustle skirts from all of you!

A circle skirt is gathered up to act as bustle and attached to lining and ruffle strips are added the point where circle is attached to the lining !

Would you like to have a look at what are we go to do today! here we go!
Here is my darling daughter flaunting it with Contrast top (i coaxed her to wear this top by explaining Color Blocking!)

I had taken half a dozen snaps to get that perfect snap above! ... Now she has had enough!!!!

Lets get started

Fabric used to make this skirt for my daughter whose waist is 20, seat - 21, length desired = 14 inches(excluding waistband!) 

Fabric Required: 

1 meter of Nylon Tissue (Organza) and about 1/2 metre of Silk Satin lining

First step would be to fold the fabric such that Selvage meets selvage (sorry forgot to take snap of that!) Next step is to fold again for which you see the picture below!

In the pic below, x = 1/6 seat round + 1/8 inch instead of what it is typed below, remember we are going to have an elasticated waist and hence our waist round should accommodate our seat round + ease!

Prepare the Ruffle Strips which will used later!

Now let us attach the circle skirt to satin lining! Before that we need to,

To make our job easier, it is advisable to do the below 2 steps, before we proceed further

Now let us get back to sewing ...

Now that we have attached the hem of circle skirt to inner lining, it is time to look at the waist , 

Hope the steps are clear, excuse the typos! in case you have any doubts, feel free to ask them, i will clarify!   

Please leave your feedback in comment section!

Please do vote for me @ Bloggers' Wardrobe, i am only one (as far as i checked all contestants!) Indian out there, please do vote for me, all you need to do is :
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Thanks for voting

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  1. Hi, I found you via the Retro Pillow Challenge which I'm also doing. I'm now following and looking forward to Sew Skirt September. Last night I made a Twirly Skirt, which I'm very pleased with. Your instructions for the circle bustle skirt are SO detailed. I know I'm going to learn a lot by using your templates. I'm off to link up at the Creative Bloggers Party.

  2. Lovely! But where to link the projects....

  3. Thanks Pam, Please do stay tuned for more in Sew Skirt September!

    Thanks Thendral, the link opens up at 6:30 AM on Monday, 5th September, IST! it has been mentioned in the post!

  4. One more fantastic tutorial from u, everything is so perfectly explained with all details... I think hun people should visit your blog for sewing lessons!:)
    Jelena (

  5. its very useful i leart a new thing from ur blog...grt work..lookinf foeward for circle skirt pattern..sing i have some doubt in hanging...

  6. Love it! Great tutorial too. I would love for you to show this off at my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays!

  7. I am really bad at sewing but always wish to make something for my son!!!your designs are very impressive....
    Much Love Lipsy

  8. Thanks Glam Chameleon!

    Thanks Vji, what is your doubt, please do share, i will try if i can clarify the same

    Thanks Beth! I have linked up at your Wickedly Crafty Saturdays! Yay!

    Thanks Lipsy for the encouraging comment! I know from my friends who have boys that it is quite difficult find interesting clothing for boys, i am yet venture into boys clothing (apart from shirts i make for my hubby!)

  9. Thanks lakshmi, I have linked my project. I have followed the host. I am already your follower.

  10. I stopped by yesterday and wished I could see Adithi modeling the skirt, and like you say Voila!:P (I was also having trouble with my huge tutorial pics for which I only decided on a solution today...) I am impressed by the beauty of your stitches and the accuracy of your tute- great job! I'll surely let you know if I attempt to make a skirt like this, I need a pretty little girl although it's very tempting to try for myself too!:))


  11. Lakshmi such a fab material and tutorial--shall maybe try it when I get back on a sewing spree!

  12. What a pretty look good action photos! I can't wait to get going on some girl's sewing soon. Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do:)

  13. is it possible to add trim(border) in the circle skirt hem...since the trim s n straight piece..
    then in circle skirt is it enough to draft as it s in pattern or we have to adjust in the hem part...since it s in irregular not sure tat all the skirt wil be like tat or my pattern is like tat...please clarify

  14. Thanks Thendral for linking up!

    Thanks Magda, this skirt was a little tricky to get nice finish!

    Thanks Sonia, would love to see your sewing creations! i am sure they will be as lovely as your paper craft!

    Thanks Cheryl.

    Vji, For circle skirt since hemline will not be straight and will go from bias to bias, so you have to attach grossgrain ribbon / trim which has bias strip life flexibility with which you can stretch it or cheat it use pinching a pleat at the top edge of trim slightly as and when you stitch along the curve.

  15. Hi... I am visiting from Homemaker on a dime. I started following your blog.
    I am looking forward to searching through. I love to sew and you have some wonderful tutorials. Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Oh gosh.. this is lovely!! :-) Thanks for linking in.. :-)

  17. Thanks Vji

    Thanks The House that Can for following Adithis Amma Sews. I am glad. Please do join us in the month long celebration of Sew Skirts September

    Thanks Patricia. Its my pleasure to link in @ Colors Dekor.


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