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Sep 14, 2011

Highs and lows of life

Let me talk about High first - I have been into being a host for guest posts and also have done guest posts on blogs of other talented bloggers out there! But this is the first time i am being interviewed! I am honored! thrilled to bits! When Janelle from Of Pinks and Fairy Tales, mailed me with an interview proposal! I was excited, she was even generous enough to send me a first copy and ask if it required any edits! I am proud to represent India on a world wide hop showcasing talents from across the globe! Thank you God!
 Please do check out my interview  - Click Here

Well coming to the Lows of life - i wonder how life can sometimes be brutal; I wish i could transform all this positive energy from my crafty side onto my domestic life as well, may be too much domesticity is getting on to me and has spoiled me to such extent that i even ended up arguing with my darling daughter and in fact we both haven't spoken to each other like normal in the past 2 days :( i am feeling quite dejected and don't know what's wrong, i have problems not just with people close, but also with third-persons living in the residential complex, life seems quite annoying. i know this is not place to wash dirty private linen, but my bloggy friends seem to be only ones who can see my positive side as of now, so i don't know, may be i will figure out what is wrong with me and try and sort it out.

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  1. Congrats Lakshmi! happy to read your interview

  2. Oh dear, that is not good, how old is your daughter? I was thinking if she is a teenager then arguments are normal.... I hope things start to go well for you again soon. You seem like a bright cheerful bubbly person and I can't imagine anyone not warming to you!

  3. Lakshmi A big congrats on your interview- so all your hard work is paying off!
    And yes we all have our bad days - maybe take a break and do something completely different from the routine. In our home we go on a short break every few months as otherwise we tend to become cranky and all hell breaks loose! Or just have a completely you time and you will feel refreshed.
    Take Care

  4. congrats snd my addr 4r vogue tote...if not received plz gv me ur mail id...

  5. hey congrats!
    u shud just take ur daughter for ice cream! there is nothing ice cream cant fix :)

  6. Thanks Thendral!

    Thanks Carolyn, she is just 4 3/4 years old! the arguement was about refusal to have food ! thought started off as a silly tiff, it did get hard to break the ice, we took a walk back from school (we normally drive back!) and that helped break the ice!

    Thanks Sonia, Sewing is my therapy and i did sew extensively yesterday and that kind of helped!

    Thanks Nisha, i got your mail and will send it to your address by this weekend, sorry for the delay, i just couldn't go to the post office!

    Thanks Megha, hmm ice-cream yes, chocolate ice-cream is her favourite and we always stock it (note: it is my favourite too and the secret behind me putting on those few kilos at last :) )

    Thanks to all of you for trying to pep me up, i badly needed that, feeling lot better, i promise not to bother you all with my personal worries in future!

  7. Aditi, I am Sripriya. Live in London. I am from chennai Patinam too. I have a 5 3/4 years old girl. Gr8 going with your interview. Congratulations. About your lil girl, a piece of wisdom- don't argue. Always encourage them to do what you want them to do and always keep a lil prize for doing so... Can be icecream or toy or some activity that they like to do. This will work 99%. if it doesn't don't make a fuss. We don't need to be the winner all the time. But don't upset yourself over such trivial things. A 5year old has a mind of their own. Ask anyone witha 5year old, who is no trouble. So accept the facts and cheer up.

  8. Thanks Sri! When she fusses about food, it deeply upsets me! Thanks for your advise, will surely try and work around them, any food as prize, does not work well with her, i need to think of other alternatives! I am back to my cheerful self now and am doing what i love doing the most, sewing! and loads and loads of it for this navarathri


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