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Oct 28, 2011

Deepavali Outfits - more pics!

More snaps of Deepavali outfits

It was raining all day and for a brief period of about half an hour the sun was out and we rushed to take snaps (Adithi was sleeping then, hence could not take much photos of her on Deepavali! At night when she did burst sparklers there are snaps, but not in Deepavali outfit, she has worn that to school today so hope to take some snaps in evening!)

We had got used to the gloomy day and the sudden rays of sun made our eyes blush! 

oh! what a floppy picture isn't it?

Now it is my sister's turn!

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  1. Isn't it great when the sun comes through? I love the colors of the outfit. Did you make these yourself?

  2. Beautiful lookis and gorgeous colors!:0
    My dear frined thank u for answering my question, I wish u all the best concerning your designing career and your blog' popularity!!!
    Jelena (

  3. Thanks Pratishtha, Yup i love the sun, but eyes quite don't open when i am in sunlight, i have been like that since my childhood! takes time to adjust to brightness of sun when i come out from the house! Oh yes, the outfits were made by me!


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