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Oct 10, 2011

Navarathri Day 8 - Saraswathy Puja Outfit

Inspiration for the dress - Goddess Saraswathi ofcourse! Those splendid whites signify peace and calm. 

Decided to make an outfit in white to mark the occassion. I had purchased brocade and chiffon fabric to make an anarkali for self and  a shimmer net tissue dupatta to go with it, ended up using half of it for making this outfit! so i need to get them again if i have to make one for self, no probs, have another excuse to shop now! Talk about shopping, i went Deepavali shopping yesterday and got Pattu Paavadai Material for Adithi, Silk Sarees for my MIL & mom. Some salwar fabrics for sister & self.

I had attended Indi Blogger meet yesterday and i had a great afternoon meeting lots of like minded people. Made few friends. Hope they stay friends for life atleast online! need to go and catch up on every one of their blogs! Will do a separate post on the meet soon (the pics are in my sis's camera, hence the delay!)

Action Shots, here they come ....

As we started late (thanks to my sewing expedition of this dress!) we took the snaps at the parking lot , not much of lighting!

We went to my hubby's aunt's place (this was our only day when we went out to visit others's golu as we had guests every other day for our golu!) Here she is hesitantly posing for the snap almost saying, come on i need to play!

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  1. So gorgeous! She looks like a little princess...

  2. Precious small princess in the white, adorable!:)))))
    Jelena (

  3. I love the dress! It looks so light and airy! And your daughter looks absolutely adorable in it :)

  4. The light from the car's headlights adds such beauty to the first few pics! thats exactly the kindly of lighting i have talked to u about

  5. What a lovely dress.... !! She looks like a princess.... !!! so much talent ... !!

  6. Thanks GlamChameleon

    Thanks Janelle

    Thanks Thendral

    Thanks Poori

    Thanks Emreen.


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